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They sue Apple for a ‘death condensation’ that would affect AirPods Max

AirPods Max seem to have a condensation problem that it’s driving its users crazy, and Apple doesn’t seem to be doing anything to fix it. According to the portal 404 Mean, reports of accumulated sweat on the pads of said device have been appearing since the end of 2020, but have increased considerably in recent months due to record heat in some regions. Many even They have sued the company.

Users have dubbed this issue “Condensation Death” as they claim that Headphones don’t work properly when sweat condenses on the ear pads. It is, we reiterate, an inconvenience that has been appearing since the launch of the device. Since then, many have noticed that AirPods Max tend to get wet when worn for a long time or while exercising.

This happens mainly due to the difference in the temperature of the materials. The AirPods Max have metal parts that, when in contact with a hot element, such as the user’s own ear or even the warmest environment, create this condensation. It is, in fact, something that also occurs in other headphones, although it seems that in the case of Apple, it is more pronounceable.

The company even confirmed it, detailing that “unlike other supra-aural headphones, Apple AirPods Max are magnetic and removable, which causes moisture retained by body heat around the ear (or ‘condensation’) be more noticeable to users when removed”. Despite this, Apple emphasizes that AirPods Max are not waterproof.

Apple, about condensation on AirPods Max

Despite the high number of complaints and reports from users, Apple does not seem to be looking for a solution in this regard. Although even earphone repair communities agree that most “device hardware problems are caused by condensation problems”.

The Cupertino firm lawyers have responded to a class action lawsuit alleging that users They should make better use of headphones and be careful when doing activities such as exercise. Apple also points out that some of the plaintiffs do not specify what is “normal use” for them.

“For example, Plaintiff himself noticed moisture on the earphones of his AirPods Max while ‘taking a walk’ outside… while omitting details about that ‘walk’ (avoiding, for example, whether it was a hard walk through the hills of San Francisco ). The online forum comment excerpts cited by the plaintiff show that users who claim to have experienced water damage often exercised or used their headphones for extended periods.

Apple in response to a class action lawsuit over the AirPods Max condensation problem.

At this time, we reiterate, Apple does not offer any solution beyond a repair or replacement if the device has stopped working, and as long as it is within the warranty period. Many users – those who purchased AirPods Max in 2020 or 2021 – however, must pay for the replacement as they are excluded from the free repair period.

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