Tuesday, November 29, 2022

They revive video where Piqué tries to hit Shakira with a ball

Gerard Pique and Shakira they ended their 12-year relationship; However, over the months, people continue to relive moments of the couple and now they have rescued a controversial video.

In the recording appears the Colombian singerwhile the soccer player He says “let’s see if I can hit him directly in the chest”, while he hits a ball trying to hit her.

Failed on first attempt Piquebut she tried again and the Colombian can be heard screaming and it can be seen that she can touch her chest, although it is not clear whether it was a direct impact or a rebound.

According to reports, it was the same Shakira the one who shared that video in 2015, with the phrase “This is living with a soccer player”, but now many users reacted by saying that violence is not “normalized” or “how did Shakira endure Gerard?”

Pique Y Shakira They announced their separation in June. During their relationship they had two children, so now it is one of the central issues, custody. Information also emerged that everything was due to infidelity by the player of the Barcelonawho is now dating a girl named Clara Chía Martí.

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