Saturday, June 3, 2023

They hold the first Podcast Summit in the Dominican Republic

With the aim of strengthening the podcast industry in the Dominican Republic, the first Podcast Summit was held, where the main production houses and the conductors of the podcasts with the highest audience nationwide, met to present the progress made and the challenges earrings ahead.

The event was organized by Giulio Pellicione, CEO of Gepiano Studios; Sarah Despradel and Hamid Yaryura, creators of the podcasts “Finanzas y Abundancia” and “Tertulia Dura”, respectively.

“We are committed to the development and growth of the local podcast industry. For this reason, we seek the unity of the sector and this event has achieved it”, explained Despradel.

Hundreds of listeners attended the Podcast Summit, which took place in the PYHEX Work auditorium, and included the participation of podcasters such as Sabrina Gómez, Carlos Sánchez, Airam Toribio, Isabella Blandino, Frank Olivares, Iván Alcántara, Gustavo Yunen, Máximo Romero, Pedro Casals, Manuel Yabra and Jonathan Bournigal, among other industry allies such as Feddy Jana and Uriel Suriel.

In recent years, podcasts have achieved significant growth nationwide and more and more diverse content can be found on this platform, including humor, politics, lifestyle, sports, finance, and spirituality.

United Capital, Afi Universal, Dominican Insurance Company, Cartel, Tucasard, Gamma Asset Management, Ministry of Youth, La Cabina studio, Legaltre, Importadora del Sur, Podcast Factory, Faia Media, Gepiano Studio, Ron Brugal, El Catador and Body Ignition supported this event which will be the first of many.


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