Tuesday, September 26, 2023

They execute an arrest warrant against the alleged harasser of América players

José Andrés ‘N’, the alleged harasser of the América players, was detained by Mexico City authorities over the weekend.

It was on Friday when elements of the Secretary of Citizen Security made the arrest of this subject, who according to the statement released by the Coapa group, continued to harass a couple of his soccer players, in addition to the remembered case of Scarlett Camberos, who had to leave the country due to this situation.

And now that he is arrested, the journalist Carlos Jiménez revealed that José Andrés ‘N’ will be transferred to the state of Nuevo León, where he was already wanted for threats and harassment.

According to Jiménez, the CDMX Prosecutor’s Office will hand him over to the authorities of said entity in the north of the country, so that he can continue with his process and in that place he will be issued and pay the sentence that will be established.


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