Thursday, September 21, 2023

They evaluate costs and benefits of installing floating solar panels in the country’s reservoirs

Dominican Republic is evaluating the costs and benefits of installing a system of floating solar panels in the waters of the country’s reservoirs to continue increasing the capacity to generate electricity from natural sources.

This was announced by the Executive Vice President of the National Council for Climate Change and Clean Development MechanismMax Puig, after participating in the fifth meeting of the Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), an organization based in New Delhi, India.

Puig explained that this organization could channel the necessary technical assistance and financing for the installation and establishment of a photovoltaic electric power generation system, taking advantage of the water surface of some dams in the country.

“In addition to the possibility of installing solar panels floating in the dams, we are talking with the ISA, the National Energy Commission, the Ministry of Energy and Mines, the Commission for the Promotion of Irrigation Technification and the representation in the Dominican Republic of the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) to implement a program to supply water for agricultural irrigation from solar-powered pumps,” he said.

He also recalled that during the current administration great steps have been taken that will lead, in the short term, to the ratification by the National Congress of the accession agreement of the Dominican Republic to the International Solar Alliance, which would improve the possibilities for the country to participate of programs and projects to boost the generation of photovoltaic electricity.

The meeting served to take stock of the different programs and activities of the Alliance, including training programs, support for the creation of enabling frameworks to facilitate the energy transition based on renewable sources, the financing windows for projects for undertakings and the participation of the private sector in these processes.

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