Monday, December 11, 2023

They capture dozens of Tesla Model 3 Highland parked in the Shanghai Gigafactory and more data emerges about their batteries

The launch of the Tesla Model 3 Highland seems to be imminent, and proof of this is the unusual movement in the Gigafactory that the company has located in Shanghai. As the portal collects Teslaratithe facilities have seen a considerable increase in the number of vehicles involved that could belong to the aforementioned model.

The images, specifically, have been captured by aerial means, and show a large fleet of vehicles with a canvas above which has been growing considerably in recent days. Although there are no details about which models are hidden under that packaging, everything indicates that they are Model 3 Highland that the company could launch in the coming weeks, since the rest of the Teslas that are shown in the facilities, and that are already available on the market, do not have any type of coating.

The photographs also suggest that Initial production of this updated Model 3 has already started.. They come just a few days after some stores in China accepted reservations for the next generation of this Model 3.

Also, after CATL provided Tesla with samples of M3P batteries with the aim that the company could carry out tests, as confirmed by Everything indicates, therefore, that the Tesla Model 3 Highland could come with a battery with M3P cells, which would offer significant advantages over NMC batteries. Among them, a better energy density and better behavior during charging. Also the possibility that allow to reach a range of up to 700 km.

The Tesla Model 3 Highland could arrive with other important improvements

Source: The Kilowatts (@klwtts on Twitter)

In addition to the battery, which will be one of the main improvements of the Tesla Model 3 Highland compared to other models, this new generation of vehicles would also come with other relevant changes. One of them is the new manufacturing processwhere the company will use a technique named gigacasting. This makes it possible to considerably reduce the number of parts needed to manufacture a vehicle, which helps make production faster and cheaper.

Therefore, another of the improvements in Tesla’s Model 3 Highland is expected to be a lower production cost compared to the current Model 3although it is not clear if the company will choose to reduce the price or, instead, maintain it and thus obtain a greater profit.

At the moment, yes, the exact launch date of this Model 3 Highland is unknown, although, we reiterate, everything indicates that it will take place at the end of this month.

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