Thursday, June 1, 2023

“They can kill them”: Canelo Álvarez warns artists of the danger of fighting with professionals

It is increasingly more that artists from outside the world of boxing enter this sport in favor of the show, a situation that greatly worries the Mexican Saul “Canelo” Alvarezbecause of the risk involved in practicing boxing.

In an interview with Graham Bensinger, Álvarez expressed his concern that a tragedy does not occur by bringing people with almost no experience in the art of blows into the ring.

In the talk, Saúl gave the example of Jake Paul’s fight with Nate Robinson a couple of years ago, in which the second was brutally knocked out, causing a great scare among the spectators.

“I have always said, I have nothing against anyone and I am not a fan of saying bad things, but they give a fighter’s license to someone who is not and they can kill them, this is not a football game”mentioned the Undisputed World Super Middleweight Champion.

“There is the proof of how they left him (Nate Robinson), because they give license to people who have never thrown a hit in their lives. If a death happens, the commission is guilty because they gave it a license “he added.

Athletes from other disciplines, influencers and artists have wanted to engage in professional combat against real boxers, some examples are Jake Paul, Conor McGregor, Adrian Peterson, Nate Robinson, among others.


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