Friday, December 2, 2022

They affirm the security system of the RNTT is a regional model in cargo transport

The president of the National Land Transport Network (RNTT), Armando Rivas, affirmed that the security and control system implemented in the country by that entity is a model in the region due to the reliability of the information in the registration of 10,000 trucks. and 13,870 drivers who access merchandise destinations in the Dominican Republic.

The president of the RNTT, Armando Rivas, highlighted that, as part of these controls, 19,281 anti-doping tests were carried out, of which 19,040 were negative, 241 positive, and of the latter, 66 were rehabilitated, in coordination with Hogar Crea.

The estimated proportion of consumption of prohibited substances in the Dominican population is 3% and at the level of the cargo transport sector it is 0.35%, Rivas specified when pronouncing the central words of the act for the 15th anniversary of the RNTT, held in the Cava Alta establishment, with the participation of directors of the entity.

The activity included the projection of an institutional video commemorating the anniversary and José Rodríguez, first president of the RNTT, also intervened.

The president of the RNTT specified that thanks to the programs carried out by this organization, many freight drivers who did not even have driver’s licenses already have that document that qualifies them to drive heavy vehicles.

He pointed out that the RNTT, in collaboration with the former General Directorate of Land Transit of the Ministry of Public Works, now INTRANT, carried out 27 mobile unit operations between the main ports of the country, which are Caucedo, Puerto Río Haina and Puerto Plata, achieving that one hundred percent of registered drivers have their legal and up-to-date driver’s license.

He said that the RNTT was born with the mission of developing strategies to increase and maintain high levels of quality of information on land cargo transportation, to contribute to security in the Dominican Republic.

Rivas highlighted that “in the path marked out by our vision, alliances and cooperation agreements were developed by entities that have seen the added value of having an ally from the private, non-profit sector and with the same objective to achieve the security of the transportation of land cargo, or what is the same, of the Dominican trade”.

The president of the RNTT stated that this institution arose with the vision of being recognized as a reliable entity for information and monitoring of transport safety in the Dominican Republic.

During the cocktail, the guests were able to taste a variety of wines, appetizers and celebrate in a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

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