Friday, September 22, 2023

They accuse Marion Reimers of being awarded texts for book publication

The name of Marion Reimers returned to be a trend on social networks in the last hours, unfortunately for the communicator it was not because of her work analyzing the matches of the Champions League.

if not for one social media accusation by a user, who apparently was part of the NGO We Are Versus which was founded by the journalist and in which she conducted, together with other women, more than forty interviews, in addition to investigations and transcriptions, actions that would have been mentioned in a “concise” and “minimum” way.

“The activities that the others and I carried out were obtaining and carrying out more than forty interviews, transcribing them, selecting fragments of testimony, doing documentary research. These former co-workers and I were briefly referred to in the acknowledgments of the book, without specifying the work done on said project, as if it were a minimal contribution to it,” the user shared. @piñaappleWrites, Fernanda Piña Vázquez.

In the text, it is added that Marion Reimers he would not have informed that the book would come out in his name, nor does he have the rights to the work of the participating women.

“I state that I am not satisfied with the mention that Marion Reimers made of my work on the book. During the writing process, I was not informed that this book would come out under the name of a single person. At no time did I give up the rights to my work,” he added.

Finally, the complainant establishes that she left the organization of Marion Reimers for feeling like a victim psychological and labor violence by the journalist.


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