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These exercises to do neither seen nor known, in front of your computer or in a meeting, to maintain your figure

Have you been in front of your computer for several hours without moving, does your back hurt? Cramp ? Do you also have a crazy desire to stretch? Problem: you are in an open space or in a place that does not allow you to do exercises and your pain will continue all day and even into the evening…

However, there are some exercises to do “easily” from your office and even in a meeting room. Be careful, we are not telling you that no one will notice certain exercises, especially for the abs, but these will be more discreet than installing a yoga mat in the middle of the office. Obviously, nothing obliges you to carry out these exercises on the same day, you can do one in the morning and the second in the afternoon to break up your days. Thanks to the Kiwili site, here is a little tutorial.

Work your calves

  • Posture: Stand up and stand straight.
  • Movement: Stand on tiptoes and squeeze your buttocks.
  • Comment: You can easily strengthen your calves on the phoneat the photocopier and even in meetings if you are discreet enough!

Doing abs

  • Posture: Sit at the edge of the chair, feet firmly placed on the floor, legs perpendicular and back straight.
  • Movement: Contract your abs and inhale while gradually tilting backwards, keeping your back straight and your abs still contracted. Hold this position for 10 seconds then return to the base position while exhaling.

Working your thighs in the meeting room

  • Posture: Sit comfortably in your office chair with your back straight and your feet on the floor.
  • Movement: Lift your feet from the ground 5-10 cm and maintain this position

Relieve your back in front of your computer

  • Posture: Sit in your chair, back and head straight, a few centimeters from the desk.
  • Movement: Hold the desk in your hands and try to move closer (or pull the desk towards you) while remaining upright.

Develop your glutes in meetings

  • Posture: Well seated, as with most office exercises previous ones.
  • Movement: Contract one buttocks, then the other and finally both, for 10 seconds and release.

Stretch your spine

  • Posture: Sit with your back straight against your chair back.
  • Movement: Raise your head as if to touch the ceiling, while lowering your shoulders as much as possible and repeat this movement several times.

Do breathing exercises

  • Posture: Sitting or standing, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is to have the rib cage clear.
  • Movement: Inhale slowly while expanding your stomach, then exhale while pulling in your stomach.


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