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These are the indications for rape that the Mossos accumulate against Dani Alves

Football player Daniel Alves entered the Brians prison this Friday preventively. Until an appeal from his defense is successful, the former FC Barcelona player and current member of the Mexican Pumas will remain behind bars. Investigating judge number 15 accepted the requests for precautionary prison presented by both the Prosecutor’s Office and the prosecution particular. for the judge, there is a risk of flight by the player that would allow him to escape the action of the Spanish justice, since he works in Mexico and has Brazilian nationality, and there are no extradition agreements with that country, and that there are indications that support the seriousness of the complaint for rape that presented against him a 23-year-old girl for events that occurred in the early morning of December 30 to 31 at the Sutton nightclub. The evidence that has been discovered to date The Newspaper of Cataloniafrom the Prensa Ibérica group, are the following:

victim statement

The Unitat Central d’Agressions Sexuals (UCAS), a group of researchers from the Mossos d’Esquadra, grants credibility to the woman’s story, which assured, as this newspaper advanced, that she was locked up against her will by Alves in a VIP area bathroom from the disco and then it was slapped and raped.

Medical report

The woman, after the alleged assault, was treated by an ambulance alerted by the Sutton nightclub and transferred to the Hospital Clínic. She there she underwent a medical exam. The report includes that he suffered minor injuries compatible with struggling allegedly maintained with the footballer. The toilets also collected biological samples which will have to be checked in the future if they belong to Alves.


The woman went to formalize a complaint against Alves two days later. She related what happened and provided the medical report. She also handed over the dress she was wearing the night of the events. The researchers from the UCAS, a unit that is two and a half years old and is made up of 70% women, began the investigation.

The cameras

One of the first checks carried out by UCAS was to review the security camera recordings Sutton’s. According to the victim’s account, Alves was very insistent that he follow her through a door that she claims she did not know where she was leading to. She thus she entered the bathroom, where there are no cameras. According to the sources consulted, the recordings do not deny her version.

Alves’s video

Alves sent a video to an Antena 3 program a week after the events in which he denied the assault and implied that he had gone to the bathroom and accidentally met the victim, who was inside. One Version that has changed and that he has not maintained during his statement before the judge this Friday. To convict or acquit him, only the words he says in court will be taken into account, but the statements you made on the show may undermine the credibility of your testimony if it is proven that he has lied.

The witnesses

The report that UCAS has provided to the judge includes the recordings from the security cameras and also the versions offered by witnesses who were with Alves and the victim. The player was with a friend, and the young woman, with two friends. The report also includes the explanations of the waiter who, at his request, encouraged the women to sit with Alves and his friend in the VIP room.

Biological samples

A victim of sexual assault should always go to the hospital after the fact. Although it is very difficult, she must do it without changing her clothes, showering or going to the bathroom, as the complainant has done. It can be key to identifying the aggressor because in the medical examination, which in Barcelona is always done at the Hospital Clínic, traces of her DNA from the aggressor’s fluids or hair can be found and thus find out who it is. In the case of Alves, the victim has already identified the perpetrator. However, if the biological samples obtained from the complainant match Alves’s genetic profile, proof would be obtained that, at least, what he has publicly stated on Antena 3 does not conform to the truth.


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