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These are the first words of Tyson Pérez as a Unicaja player

Tyson Pérez is already a new player of the Unicaja. The club made official this Wednesday the signing of the Spanish power forward with a contract until 2027, although this first season he will spend on loan at MoraBanc Andorra. He admits to being “very happy”, with confidence for this new course and confesses that “Ibon has been one of the main reasons” for accepting the offer of the green and purple team.

First words

“Very happy. In the end it is a long contract, I will be here for a few years and I really want to be here next year and be able to help.”

Important season in Andorra

“It’s a little strange, but in the end we have reached a point where all parties are happy. I think that It will be a good year for me to play in AndorraI think I will play many minutes, I will be important and I will learn a lot. “I will gain a lot of experience for next year, when I am here in Malaga and thus be able to help a little more.”

Ibon Navarro Paper

Ibon has been one of the main reasons. I spoke with him, the three years I was with him I was very comfortable. “I think I learned a lot of things, I played well and I want to get back to that point, to continue growing and be important with him again.”

Ibon Navarro and Tyson Pérez already met at MoraBanc Andorra. ACBPHOTO


“The main objective is to play well and be healthy. I went through a bit of a difficult patch with many injuries, but it is true that I’m fine, I’m pretty healthy, I haven’t had any problems in the last year and a half. And when it’s time to play at Carpena it will be strange. At the end I will have a bit of a strange feeling, but I think that once the game starts I will forget about everything and dedicate myself to playing.”


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