Friday, December 8, 2023

These are the best Emojis on WhatsApp to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2023

All users of WhatsApp they make very good use of emoticons, but the instant messaging application has so many that sometimes it is impossible to remember how many can be used for a single occasion.

For this reason, we decided to leave you a list with those that are consistent with the Chinese New Year 2023, focused on the rabbit. Some of those that represent the Chinese year go unnoticed in the objects section, so you can use the WhatsApp emoji search engine to filter them. They are quite beautiful and you can share them in your groups to celebrate that important date that starts on January 22, 2023.

Best of all, it is not necessary to download any third-party application to be able to activate these fun emoticons, on the contrary, you just have to have the latest version of your operating system.

The best WhatsApp emojis to celebrate Chinese New Year 2023


He is this year’s character. All those born with the symbol of the rabbit will have a variety of improvements in every way during 2023.

the red heart

This symbolizes love and peace on a date where you should be totally calm, without any fight in between. In addition, this will also generate union between the people you appreciate the most.

moon cake

It is the dessert prepared by families during the Chinese New Year. It is usually prepared with strained beans or another element.


During the Chinese New Year night, people tend to set off fireworks to cheer up the festivities.

On red

This is traditional and tends to represent abundance towards the other person. It always has to be given away.

red paper lantern

Although it may be prohibited in various areas of the world, this is traditional in places with a clear environment. Inside it is written a wish.


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