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There was a ruckus on making fun of the army, Akshay’s reply to Richa Chadha – If he is there then we are….

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha seems to be embroiled in controversies regarding one of her tweets. Richa Chadha retweeted a tweet by Indian Army Commander Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi and said something which has sparked controversy. Now Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has replied to Richa Chadha.

Akshay Kumar’s reply to Richa Chadha

Akshay Kumar tweeted the screenshot of Richa Chadha’s viral tweet and wrote – It is sad to see this. One should never forget the gratitude towards our army force. If they are then we are today. Along with this, Akshay has also created an emoji folding hands.

Vivek Agnihotri’s reply to Richa Chadha

Vivek Agnihotri, the director of The Kashmir Files film, has also responded to the actress by targeting Richa Chadha. He has given his response to the actress by linking Richa Chadha’s tweet with the Boycott Bollywood trend.

Vivek Agnihotri also tweeted the screenshot of Richa Chadha’s viral tweet and wrote – I am not at all surprised to see this behaviour. They really feel anti-India. Heart’s talk comes on the tongue and then they ask why people want to boycott Bollywood. #BoycottBollywood #Shame

What is the whole matter?

In fact, Richa Chadha had given her response to the statement of Northern Army Commander Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi, in which he said that the Indian Army is ready to carry out the order to withdraw Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). We are waiting for the order of the government. We will complete the operation soon. But what Richa Chadha said on this matter was surprising for every Indian.

Richa Chadha retweeted the tweet of the army officer’s statement, writing, “Galwan says hi.” Indians did not like Richa Chadha’s reaction and they started trolling the actress. Richa Chadha’s tweet comes to the fore and went viral. There is an uproar over the tweet of the actress. On Richa Chadha’s tweet, people say that the actress has made fun of our soldiers who were martyred in Galvan. Richa Chadha deleted her tweet after trolling, but the controversy on this matter is increasing.

Richa Chadha apologized
Richa Chadha also apologized after the uproar over the tweet. The actress said that my aim was not to insult the army. My three words have been dragged into the controversy. If anyone has felt bad, then I apologize.

The actress also said- My grandfather himself was in the army and was on the post of lieutenant colonel. He was shot in the leg during the Indo-China war. My maternal uncle was also a paratrooper. It’s in my blood. If someone is martyred in the army, then the whole family is affected by it. Even if someone is injured in the army, it is painful. This is an emotional issue for me.

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