Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Thebes responds to Florentino: “He lies and reflects his increasingly unbridled messianism”

Javier Tebas did not delay his response to Florentino Pérez after being the center of criticism from the president of Real Madrid at the white club’s assembly. The president of LaLiga warned about him on social networks:Lie about transparency of Laliga, lies about the expropriation of TV rights… the only thing that reflects his increasingly unbridled “messianism”, where he wants everything to revolve around what HE thinks”.

Florentino Reviews

Florentino denounced in his speech that “The President of LaLiga abused his authority and separated us, showing that not all clubs receive the same treatment. In short, we managed to get the president of CVC to back down at that Assembly and he did so publicly. But we continue to point out that it is illegal, very unfair, especially with clubs that are promoted in the future. LaLiga contacted a lobby to expropriate the club’s assets Madrid and give it to LaLiga. And by the way, disable us. I want to thank the political parties, mainly the two largest, for understanding us and not supporting us. And that, despite the embarrassing threat of a bosses’ strike… the message that was published in the games was ridiculous. In the end, they didn’t go on strike either. Does it seem normal to anyone that we are not part of the Delegate Commission of The league? Don’t they let us see what each club is paid for other things? “We have demanded it and it has been denied to us.”

Tebas counterattacked, warning: “I listen to Florentino Pérez’s speech, apart from repeating the same thing year after year about young people, television subscribers… who “It shows that neither he nor his management team know what is really happening, he adds very serious lies about LaLiga.”


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