Thursday, June 1, 2023

Thebes, Laporta and a coven that was not such: “The assembly has been very light”

“Everything has been very ‘light’ for Laporta. Too much.” After the extraordinary assembly called by LaLiga, with more points of the day than the fact that the president of the Barça gave explanations about the Negreira case, but with that point more than underlined in red, grimaces of disenchantment accumulated. It was expected, and in some of the armchairs it was also desired, that this would become a trap for Laporta. More after verifying that his explanations were limited to a “summary” of his press conference on Monday, as he later explained Xavier Thebes.

But no, there was nothing like that. Yes, there were reproaches, some mild anger at the president of Barça for bringing up that “regime team” or for suggesting that there are more teams than they paid money to the former vice president of the referees (Laporta apologized for it), but little more. In fact, more than one president wanted to intervene to respond to Laporta, but thebes decided that “10 or 12” aftershocks was enough, even if his explanations did not convince “nobody“. Among them, of the Miguel Angel Gil MarinCEO of the Athleticbut not that of Jose Angel SanchezCEO of the real Madrida club that tiptoed as much as possible on this matter.

The Madrid, discreet

The white club was clear that it was not going to participate in a coven organized by his greatest enemy. And although in the end it was not such, lowering expectations, the Madrid insisted on staying in the background, while many of the clubs wanted to claim their quota of leadership In the institution. The message was that the actions of LaLiga, including (and above all), the appearance before the court They are supported by them.

Laporta left the league headquarters alive, smiling and doing nothing more statements than a brief statement that served as institutional faith that, indeed, he had been present. Although it was not necessary, because LaLiga already had been in charge of distributing images of the cordial greeting between Thebes and him.

A silent video in which the cordiality between the two leaders, it was even sensed that they were joking (“I don’t know what we were talking about, I don’t remember anymore, but something of no consequence for sure”, Tebas later cleared), in contrast to the attacks that they have launched at each other in The last weeks. In fact, the president of LaLiga, asked about it, eluded reclaim the resignation of Laporta:”no longer significant“.

“But it’s normal. With a microphone in front of them, everyone throws things at their heads, but behind closed doors there is a lot of cordiality,” says a veteran of league assemblies. Although there is no hiding the reality that Spanish football, in general, is not interested in sinking Barça into the misery. “At a judicial level, what the court says; but at a public level we have to stop adding fuel to the fire, because Barça is also a window on Spanish football and his discredit harms us all“, commented another of the attendees at the conclave. Well, that, peace and love. Or truceat least.


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