Thursday, June 1, 2023

Thebes endorses the work of José María Muñoz

javier thebes went through the microphones of Deportes Cope Málaga this Wednesday to analyze the Málaga CF news and above all he defended the work carried out by Jose Maria Munozjudicial administrator, in the entity: «The economic management is impeccable».

Jose Maria Munoz

“The financial management is impeccable. In the sports field, José María does what his coaches do. Soccer is not mathematical. There is always someone who is down in the rankings, it is not so easy to find guilty. We have seen what José María has done since LaLiga, there should be no changes. The important thing is the facts and the work that has been done. The sports theme should not influence an administration, it would be a mistake. Málaga has gone from being on the brink of disappearance to having a solvency. The descent would affect him, but he has stability.


«What José María has done is listen to the technicians. Those of us who have been doing this for many years know that presidents do not make all the sporting decisions. You have to start from the assumption that in August everyone said that Málaga had made a great squad. Is José María guilty of not scoring the goals? I don’t believe it. I don’t think the receivership is up for debate over this. I am a bankruptcy lawyer, I have never seen a change of administration being considered for a sports case.


“You will have the rights that you believe the law gives you. I can’t get in there. You have to exercise your rights in court. Another thing is that he says that he is right or that it is the right time ».

three years of administration

«The club is ordered at an economic level, it does not have to be a big problem. Many clubs are centenarians, let’s hope Málaga is. I think that in football three years are few. There is the Al-Thani conflict, it may last even more years. With José María Muñoz, or with another».

Al Thani

“I always have to respect the rights of all owners. I can’t fault him if he thinks he’s doing well. Maybe it is time to think about whether it is time to close your stay in Malaga. I think you should have some doubt. I haven’t talked to them. Nor have I tried. Our interlocutors are those who represent the clubs, in this case it is José María Muñoz. If he had asked me for a meeting, I would have had it. He has an important part of the club. It is a complicated subject. Someone in the end will stay with the club. You have to know his opinions ».

judge’s decision

“I don’t know everything well. If the disapproval is only for the sports field, I think there will be no changes. It is not the same as a bankruptcy, but it has never been done for sporting reasons. He has done what corresponds to his position, but he is not the only one responsible. I have not seen any removal for sporting reasons. If it had been outrageous, bringing friends… well, you have a justification. But if you analyze it, I don’t think you can say that they were not contrasted. What José María has done is look for someone to spend more time on other activities. I have had a relationship with him as if he were a CEO, and with all the knowledge. He cannot be blamed for anything, I think ».

kike perez

«I know Kike, he has a lot of experience in clubs. Alavés, Alcorcón, Cádiz… Experience is very important in this area. It will relieve you of work. I think it’s a good addition.”

Viability with a decline

“I think so. It has to be adapted to each category. He has some funds. The CVC is suspended payment, but can continue to grow. He would have to spend as little time as possible in the First RFEF. It is a team that will always choose to return to the category. It usually happens that those who come down from professional football immediately return.

CVC Funds

“It is a subject that was debated at the time. Projects cannot be left halfway. You do not have to repay the 50-year loan while it was not in the category.


«I have never seen so many complaints from clubs. You have to reflect. It is the competition with the most red cards in Europe, with the same number of fouls. We have to do something, at least a reflection. To say in a note that this anger from the clubs is the cause of aggression… I know the referees. There is no cause-effect. It is a serious accusation that has been made.”

Lopez Nieto

“It is a totally different world from the one I had known. Arbitral pressure gives a lot of vision and perspective. That helps”.


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