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The youth player of UD Las Palmas, Joel Domínguez, denounces his ex-partner and her mother for harassing him

Five complaints and the opening of preliminary proceedings. The titular magistrate of the Court of Gender Violence number 1 of The Gran Canarian palms took a statement this Wednesday from the striker of the Juvenile Honor Division of the UD Las Palmas Joel Dominguez Rodriguezas well as his ex-partner and her mother, in relation to the alleged violation of the restraining order.

The 18 year old footballer He was sentenced on March 7 for a crime of mistreatment of his ex-girlfriend -younger-. The sorrow, 40 days of work for the community, included a restraining order for one year within 500 meters of the young womanas well as any prohibition of all direct or indirect communication, either through social networks or mobile phones.

The judge sees “contradictory” versions, so he applies the geolocation test of the mobile phones to clarify if there was a meeting – as the adolescent testifies. The case is in the phase of preliminary proceedings -on certain dates it is announced if it walks or is filed-. Joel Domínguez handed over his phone last Wednesday on his own initiative and categorically denies having approached the young woman.

Joel Dominguez, together with Aranda. ELVIRA URQUIJO / EFE

He also denies having maintained contact through social networks. It should be remembered that the ex-partner and her mother filed two complaints in the alleged case of violation of the restraining orderin which they claimed that the Juvenil Division of Honor star made calls from a relative’s mobile and maintained contact on social networks with his ex with a false ‘nick’.

Parade and rain of complaints

This Wednesday, at 11:00 a.m., Joel and his lawyer, José María Aranda González, entered the City of Justice and at 3:25 p.m. the hearing ended. They declined to comment. A little earlier, around 10:45 a.m., the minor entered with her mother and her lawyer.

The UD Las Palmas youth soccer player denounced on March 9 that he was the victim of insults and threats on social media after the verdict was made public. He also fears for his physical integrity. “They have given him countless threats and insults on various social networks, both privately and on Instagram. Threats to attack him and insult his mother with ‘how could you give birth to an abuser?’ In the letter, it is detailed that several individuals “have prowled the neighborhood to beat him up.”

The second complaint was filed on March 20. In that case for intimidation and harassment. A restraining order is requested from the young woman. As detailed in the police letter and confirmed by the footballer’s family environment, “at 4:00 p.m., the teenager rang the phone and it opened thinking she was a neighbor. And through the peephole it was seen that it was the ex-girlfriend. No They opened it up and reported it to the police. In addition, a video was presented showing how the young woman insists on talking and contacting Joel.

The UD player Joel Domínguez, yesterday, leaving the courts. ELVIRA URQUIJO A.

Since March 19, according to the complaint, The young woman’s contacts with Joel intensified. ‘There are photos, videos, screenshots and call attempts that he sends her through social networks (…) The minor assures that she is willing to harm herself if the person appearing does not answer her and does not return with her. Given this, he feels harassed by her ex-partner, afraid that she could cause him future problems and asks for a restraining order.

On April 14, Joel Domínguez files the third complaint, in this case against the young woman’s mother: “for the publication of my images without my consent on Instagram to harm and harm me with the profile called @maralopgon. They damage my health, I need psychological treatment. The Instagram profile apparently corresponds to the ex-partner’s mother.”

Crossing of complaints and testimonies

One part, that of the young woman, claims to be living in hell after her conviction. The other, that of the soccer player, with a new partner, and who denounces being a victim of harassment, death threats and even fears for his physique. “The comments on the networks are terrible; He is psychologically broken. They treat you like a criminal. How would he react if he was knocked on the door of the house?”, They highlight the player’s family.

Visit a specialist

The yellow club has turned to specialists from the Lucas Bosch Canary Foundation for Joel’s psychological and therapeutic treatment. The soccer player changed his address – he went to that of a relative – at the insistence of the young woman, which was warned by the court. “His version of him lacks veracity, at that time he was with his new partner,” they repeat from the attacker’s environment. The matter is in the hands of the judge. Seeks some light to two contradictory versions.


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