Friday, September 22, 2023

“The Year of the Tiger”, Disney’s first Dominican film is available on Star Plus

“The Year of the Tiger” becomes the first Dominican film available in all Latin America through the platform Star +streaming owned by The Walt Disney Company.

Nashla Bogaert, Frank Perozo, Vicente Santos, Carlos Alcántara, Wendy Ramos and Gonzalo Torres join in this comedy of international production.

The tape revolves around a restaurant which is located on the edge of the financial abyssBut a determined married couple is willing to go to any lengths to prevent this from happening, even if it means trespassing into dark and unfamiliar territory.

The plot of the film is inspired by a Chinese restaurant which opened its doors in 1920 in the iconic -Doyers Street- in the middle of New York City Chinatown. This place became famous not only for its food, but also for the dangerous aura that surrounded it, making it an unforgettable dining experience, but not without its risks.

“The Year of the Tiger” is a work written and produced by José Ramón Alamá, directed by Yasser Michelén and under the seal of Bou Group, a production house recognized for its ability to bring to life the greatest hits of the Caribbean in recent years. The cast is completed by the deceased Ana María Arias, the actors Luinis Olaverria, Josi Martínez, Andrea Pimentel, Pamela Sued, among other actors.

With this film production, the local industry continues its growth, making the country proud that this film is the first Dominican production to be presented on this important streaming platform, forming part of the catalog of hundreds of productions from all over the continent.


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