Monday, January 30, 2023

The world’s largest toad found in Australia

It could be the biggest toad in the world. It weighs around 2.7 kilograms and has been found in a park located in the northwest of Australia. Ranger Kylee Gray had previously come across a snake, forcing the vehicle he was in to stop: “I was standing to the right of my car, I looked down and yeah, right near my feet, probably a few 40 centimeters from where the snake was, there was a monstrous cane toad that surprised me.” The Queensland museum will proceed to carry out its measurements to verify if it could be the largest toad in history.

In March 2007, they found in Darwin (Australia) a toad measuring 861 grams and 20.5 centimeters, one of the largest captured in that area of ​​the country.

These types of toads were first released in Queensland in 1935. They were brought from Hawaii to control the sugarcane beetle infestation. Since then, cane toads have multiplied and spread throughout Australia.

In March 2007, they found a toad measuring 861 grams and 20.5 centimeters in Darwin (Australia). / Handout

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