Tuesday, December 5, 2023

The Victims of Terrorism Team of the Civil Guard appears against Rubiales

He Victims of Terrorism Team of the Civil Guard has appeared as a popular accusation in the Rubiales case that the National Court instructs, for the non-consensual kiss that the former president of the RFEF gave to Jenni Hermoso after the final of the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Sources from said association consulted by this newspaper have explained that they have appeared in the Rubiales case because they are expanding its work to other victims of violenceincluding women who suffer sexual assaults, as is the case of Jenni Hermoso. They take this direction given that the number of cases of their main objective, the defense of civil guards victims of terrorism, is decreasing.

Judge Francisco de Jorge has accepted their appearance, but has sued them a bail of 15,000 euros to defend it. This type of deposit is common, although the association has considered it excessive and has appealed the amount.

Rubiales appeals the decision

Rubiales’ defense, for its part, has appealed to accept said association as a popular accusation in the trial against him. It will be the Criminal Chamber of the National audience the one that has to resolve on both resources.

Together with the Victims of Terrorism Team of the Civil Guard, The AFE union has also appeared, majority in men’s soccer and minority in women’s soccer. Although he did so after the first, the judge has entrusted them with the legal direction of the popular accusation, against the usual criteria.

The presence of these two popular accusations is known on the day when Jorge Vilda has declared as investigatedlike the marketing director of the RFEF, Ruben Rivera. The former coach has denied having coerced Hermoso, although he has acknowledged that he approached the footballer’s brother ‘motu proprio’ to try to reduce the tension generated after the non-consensual kiss.


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