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The untold story of Márquez’s ‘Àlexneta’

It is evident and they do not hide, quite the contrary, that the life of the brothers Marc and Àlex Márquez Alentá has always been, always, as if they were twins, twins. It is evident that Àlex absolutely does not care if people think that he is in the World Cup because his last name is Márquez Alentá, because he is the brother of the best driver in history.

And he doesn’t care “because I’ve done and won much more than many of the riders who now share the grid with me in MotoGP”, says Àlex. “I am used to being under the spotlight for who I am. I know that people want me, but none of this makes me lose sleep because, in the end, I always end up imposing my work, my quality, my speed and my triumphs”.

This story that I tell you, also began with the two brothers as protagonists. Jesus Macario, a sales engineer for a multinational company, born in Cádiz and a resident of Madrid, is, like millions of Spaniards, sick of racing. He likes to play with funny memes “never offensive, always funny jokes” and post them on the networks.

Àlex Márquez, with his ‘Àlexneta’ in the driver’s seat of his ‘scooter’. ALEJANDRO CERESUELA

In 2014, Marc and Dani Pedrosa crashed at Motorland for not changing tires on time. Macario, known to all as ‘Maca’ (“the first time I spoke to him”, explains Marc, “I thought his signature ‘Maca’ came from Macarena and, therefore, I had always suspected it was a girl”), published a drawing in which Dani funnyly said to Marc “Nakamoto called us, you come in first”.

Marc was so amused by the meme that he retweeted it to apologize to Honda and his boss, with a “sorry, Nakamoto san.” And, from there, ‘Maca’ rose to fame (of the networks, of the World Cup, of the Márquez and his followers). It goes without saying that yesterday Macario was “crazy, crazy, crazy happy, because he has already won the boy in MotoGP”. And for that child he created, long ago, the ‘Àlexneta’which is nothing other than the winner ‘Xavineta’ of the youngest of the Márquez.

“I am used to living under Marc’s spotlight, but I have many more achievements than many of the riders on the MotoGP grid”

Àlex Márquez – Ducati Gresini Racing team rider

“They are from Culés and there is nothing better than a hippy van to unite all of us and support Àlex’s career, who with this victory will relaunch himself in a big way, in a big way”, explains Macario. “We don’t have enemies, we’re not spiteful towards those who thought that Àlex was in MotoGP because he was the ‘hermanísimo’, so you’re all welcome to ‘Àlexneta’, just so you know”.

Àlex is never separated from ‘Àlexneta’, as it is his scooter’s key ring. “He is funny, I find it funny and everything that ‘Maca’ does to us on the networks is sweet, without bad intentions, quite the opposite, because he has the smiling spirit of the Márquez Alentá.”


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