Sunday, June 4, 2023

The unprecedented commitment of the RFEF to maximize the professionalization of female referees

Three phases: theoretical, offline and ‘live’

To obtain this VAR Certificate, the referees must go through three periods: theoretical phase, offline practical phase in the VOR room and the live phasein the countryside. clos gomez, responsible for VAR in the Technical Committee of Referees of the RFEF, explains that “in the theoretical phase, VAR concepts are consolidated, the role of the referee with this tool, that of the assistant referee, end-of-match protocol, previous attack phase to a case of VAR intervention and, ultimately, everything that changes football with VAR. This phase began in January and has been successfully completed.”

From here, the first part of the offline phase begins (there is never a real connection with the referee), in which they are provided with exactly the same tools that they will find in a match in the future and put isolated cuts of real matches of own or foreign leagues in which there have been cases of cards, possible penalties, mistaken identity… and feedback is established for decision making.

The second part of this offline phase takes place in a ‘mirror station’ of the VOR room, attached to one in which a live match is being video refereed. In this way, without communication with their teammates, the referees play the match in parallel and at the same time. “It is a way of putting yourself in a situation. They change their position every 15 minutes, giving feedback from the referee instructor at the end of each period”, says Clos Gómez. This phase lasts three weekends in total and the previously mentioned exercises are complemented by others in which a live audition is carried out in the VAR room and each decision is discussed between the referees and those responsible for the course.

Lastly, the live phase, will take place in real matches, during the Madcup with 20 daily matches lasting about 50 minutes and for which there will be two VAR systems. “In five days, 20 games a day, there will be a total of 100 matches so that all the referees complete this training in the best possible way and obtain their VAR certificate”, indicates Clos Gómez, who points out that this last phase is joined by referees from the First RFEF who are promoted to the Second Division, a category where said certificate is mandatory. .


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