Thursday, March 30, 2023

The trick you didn’t know you needed: So you can see Instagram stories without the user noticing

Lasse have become a new meeting place for the masses. Even if it is digitally, through platforms such as instagram people can discuss, comment, tell where they are for a walk and give their opinion on these situations.

Over time, this application, which was born with the sole intention of publishing photos, has evolved to become what we know today: In addition to photos, you can post different types of videos or animations through your own avatar.

One of the different options is that of the stories, which have a maximum duration of 24 hours. When you post them, by entering the details you will know who accessed the information you shared.

Sometimes we want to see what another user published, but our name does not appear in their list. In the conventional way there is no way around this, but there are certain tricks that can help you sniff around without anyone noticing what you’re seeing.

Instagram trick to see stories without anyone knowing

There are two main tricks to do it without going to third-party apps. One of them is to enter the profile of the person who published the stories, put the cell phone in airplane mode and play the content of the stories.

according to review The nation, the other is through a technique called “finsta”. It consists of creating a fake account to be able to see the stories without your real identity appearing.

Both of these methods have something against them. They will only work for public accounts or people you already follow.

So, according to the note from the same portal cited, to counteract this situation, if your level of gossip rose higher than Mount Everest, you can go to these three free applications in the Google Play Store.

  1. Chrome IG Story
  2. Weynstag
  3. Story Saver


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