Saturday, April 1, 2023

The TAS agrees with Málaga CF in the ‘Ontiveros case’ and must receive the 4 million in a month

In bad times, good news is received better. And it is that Málaga CF has received a favorable response from the CAS, who has finally ruled on the ‘Ontiveros case’ to confirm that The Martiricos club must finally receive the four million euros for the transfer of the man from Malaga which was linked to the sale of N’Diaye by Villarreal to Al Shabab. to the Saudi team.

The Málaga CF-Villarreal-Al Shabab relationship does not come from now. The Valencian team loaned N’Diaye to those of Martiricos in the summer of 2018 to try to return to the First Division. However, in that operation there was a mandatory purchase clause, which finally did not come to pass because that promotion did not come to pass and it was not viable. Hence Villarreal sold the midfielder to the Saudi teamwho did not manage to pay the payment for that movement and who was linked to the sale of Ontiveros, then at Málaga CF, to Villarreal.

It is not the first time that an entity forces Al Shabab to pay those 4 million euros to those of Fernando Roig. FIFA already announced more than a year ago that they were obliged to pay that amount of money. However, now it seems like a definitive step. As reported South Newspapernow it has been the TAS the one that forces those of the Arab Emirates to pay the initial cost for the file of Alfred N’Diaye.

What’s new now? That they can no longer appeal the sentence. Therefore, they are obliged to comply with the imposition of the court within a period of one month. However, it would not be the first time that they turn a deaf ear in the ‘Ontiveros case’. Therefore, if they do not pay within the estimated period, they will not be able to acquire new players.

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What is clear is that it is a very important financial item the one that Málaga is going to receive and more so at this time when the shadow of relegation to the First RFEF is lurking for Martiricos. Falling out of professional football would mean receiving a minimum amount for television rights -even far from one million euros-, stopping the payment of CVC and only receiving aid from LaLiga of around three million euros.

So these four million euros, which were almost counted on to plan the 22/23 season, come at a decisive moment for the future of the entity. Besides, ahead remains to close the ‘Horta case’, which caused so many headaches last summer, but what Málaga CF could be receiving, if Al Shabab complies with the TAS order, will be key to building the future either in the First RFEF or in the Second Division. An income that The panorama changes slightly if those from Martiricos have to compete next season away from professional football.


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