Monday, January 30, 2023

The sporty gesture of Sala Zaragoza that moves the world of futsal

Sport brings intrinsic values ​​such as equality, sportsmanship and camaraderie. Winning is important, but doing it cleanly and giving a good image is vital. Sala Zaragoza, from the women’s First Division, gave a masterclass this past weekend on how to compete in sport and showed values ​​that can hardly be erased. Chus Muñoz’s team managed to beat Marín Futsal 5-9 in a match in which, beyond the important victory, it will be remembered for the display of sportsmanship that occurred. And it is that Giba, player of Sala Zaragoza, overtook the Aragonese four minutes into the game, but at that moment, the Zaragoza club itself realized that there was a Marín player lying on the parquet right in the play of the goal. With all this they decided let the local player, Ale de Paz, score a goal as a sign of justice, equality and fair play.

Chus Muñoz, leader and coach of the Sala Zaragoza first team, points out that “when we scored a goal I interpreted that the girl from the opposing team had involuntarily received a blow to the face that made her fall to the ground and there there was an advantage that we understood was not the result of the game itself. So, since we couldn’t eliminate him, I ordered the players to let us score a goal”, explains the coach, who received the gratitude of Marín Futsal. “At the same moment of the action, the coach passed the court, shook my hand and he thanked me. Also several managers of the club. We got along pretty well in the game,” he said.

In fact, before this action, the team from Zaragoza received a couple of offensive plays from Marín Futsal. “Our goalkeeper Ana Eliza was spectacular, but if we had to win it had to be fair. They went 2-1. Obviously we let ourselves score 1-1, but they went ahead again after a few minutes. The girls were with great resilience and we were able to take three points. We were the team that scored the most goals on matchday 16, although it is true that we conceded five, which is our Achilles heel, and that we defended very well, but there are situations that we do not control due to the inexperience of the team”, stressed Muñoz, who quickly understood the situation, because “It’s not the first time we’ve done it and it won’t be the last.. I am also a coach for 12-year-old girls and we wanted to show that not everything goes to win. You have to be ladies on the track and transmit sporting values”.

As if that weren’t enough, this match was vital for Sala Zaragoza, who is not having a great season in which they have scored 10 points after two wins, four draws and ten losses in 16 days in the First Division. Likewise, those of Chus Muñoz are only one place above the relegation zone, tied on points with Rayo Majadahonda, which is 14th. “We haven’t won away from home since June. It’s a very risky project, but we were able to get out of the relegation zone. From 30 or 40 points, we have 10, but we still have at least 20 left. That means winning 7 more matches. The girls train very well, they waste a lot of work and effort. It’s been a long time since I’ve been working so well with both the staff and the players”.

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