Friday, September 22, 2023

The Spanish national team players do not return despite the Federation’s ultimatum

The last few hours have been intense for the Federation. An offer was put on the table from the Federal entity, yes, with a close expiration date. They committed to carry out the requests of the soccer players by immediately removing the workers they demanded through their statement on Friday and guaranteed that they will be out of the RFEF within a month at most. This commitment would have been made verbally, nothing in writing. For this condition to be met, the internationals had to communicate before midnight that they were returning to the selection, ahead of the Nations League matches that will be played next week. Which didn’t happen.

The offer, according to Onda Cero, had the approval of the acting president of the RFEF, Pedro Rochawho would have given the ok through a mediation commission that they had to create for the case and that is managed by the international arbitrator and assembly member of Rubiales, Maria Dolores Martinez.

However, The proposal has not been accepted by the soccer players. In addition, the deadlines were abusive, given that the last match of the League day began at 9 p.m. and some of the international players involved were playing it, such as Alba Redondo, Inma Gabarro and María Pérez. The room for maneuver was minimal. For this reason, and maintaining unity that has prevailed in all this demand, the soccer players have remained firm in the face of the lack of guarantees and They will not wear the national team shirt again for Nations League matches.

“I am delighted to return to the national team. I have always thought that it must be every player’s dream, but There are still issues to be addressed and although there are some aspects that are not in our hands, there are things that must be changed.“, Andrea Pereira said this morning after the América Femenil match. “I insist, it will always be a wish to go to the national team, but I must say that There are still several things to change before we go again“added the defense forcefully, which is part of the international ones that have stood up to the Federation as long as there are no significant and real changes.

Montse Tomé, the new coach and Alexia Putellas, former captain of the national team. ELOY ALONSO / EFE

uncertain outlook

The RFEF’s attempted rapprochement demonstrates the urgency of the situation. The footballers were clear last Friday. 39 internationals signed a joint statement, which they made public through social networks, where they detailed their position and what changes they demanded in order to wear the national team shirt again. They demanded a deep cleaning in the Spanish Football Federation, after having already informed the federative body that they are not eligible to play for the Spanish team. However, not all those who won the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand have signed the letter: Athenea del Castillo and Claudia Zornozawho has announced his retirement from the national team, have decided not to take part.

While the Federation tries to resolve the problem with the internationals, it has day laborer sine die the presentation of Montse Tomé as national coach in addition to the list of players who must go to play the first game of the Nations League that is played this Friday against Sweden.


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