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The song ‘Man Bharaya’ changed my life, B Praak told that moment of the song when he himself cried

On the third day of Sahitya Aaj Tak 2022 i.e. on the last day, Singer B Praak decorated the stage with a melodious party. Singer has given a new dimension to Punjabi music. The craze of the fans was worth watching as soon as B Praak came on the stage. As soon as he came on stage, people started demanding to sing his name continuously. Singer also did not disappoint the people, in conversation with Shweta Singh and Vikrant Gupta, B Praak shared many things about his career and journey. After this, the fans were entertained by singing the best songs.

childhood dream come true
B Praak wanted to become a singer from the beginning. He told that- I was very young when I started singing. I used to tell my parents that one day I will become a big singer. I had this confidence from the beginning. But it is not just a matter of speaking, I have worked hard. And let me tell you, hard work has to be done. If you want to become something in life, do only two things. Work hard in life and pray to the almighty to give me whatever I want, for which I am working. If God can give it to me, he will give it to you too.

Got recognition from the song ‘Soch’
B Praak has been in the industry for almost 11 years. Talking about his career, Singer said that he got recognition from the song ‘Soch’. My career started with Hardy Sandhu in 2013 with the song ‘Soch’. With the release of the song ‘Man Bharaya’ in 2017, my life has also changed. ‘Man Bharaya’ has been released even before the release of Shahenshah. Jani wrote this song, and it was picturized on Himanshi Khurana. The first release ‘Mann Bharaya’ received awards in 2017. And when this song was released for the second time in the film Shahenshah, this time also it got many awards.

B Praak said – No matter how many songs of mine come and go, but the love that Man Bharaya has got, he will never be able to get it. This song is very close to my heart. Shershah’s song Mann Bharaya has changed my life. As soon as Praak said this, people shouted loudly to sing and demanded the singer to sing. This thing of the fans touched Praak’s heart too.

Man Bharaya song got more response than expected
Praak answered the next question keeping in mind the views of the people and then also narrated a line of the song along with it. Praak also shared a story about the inclusion of the song Mann Bharaya in Shahenshah. Singer said that he was not sure how the song Man Bharaya would be shot in the film. Praak said- When the makers told me how they had shot. Shershah i.e. Captain Batra dies. He is sitting on the mountain, the army men are going. We did not think that this song would be suitable.

Singer further told how those lines and scenes of the song became a hit for him. Praak said- But when we saw in the video that Kiara comes there, and that line comes… “I wish it could happen… Jo tu na mila na maanenge woh dahlij nahi hoti… Rab naam ki yaara” Nothing happens here. When that line hit us, those sentiments we felt, then we thought… how would it have hit you. There is hardly anyone who does not have tears in his eyes.

B Praak said that the result is in front of everyone. Till now people used to listen to Punjabi songs for dance. But B Praak changed that view. A Punjabi song can also describe deception and pain. After this, B Praak also expressed the emotion of the song Teri Mitti from Akshay Kumar’s film Kesari. B Praak said that when Akshay said that this is the best emotional song of his life, then it has been the best moment for him.

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