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The son of Peru’s mother courage: “Shining Path killed her in front of us”

Maria Elena Moyano, I had everything ready to travel to Spain. Neither she nor her family could endure the harassment of Shining Path. However, he did not have time. A commando shot him point-blank during a public ceremony, dynamiting his body and days later, his grave as well. He was 33 years old and had two sons aged 10 and 8, who were there at the time of the brutal murder.

The son of Peru's mother courage: "Shining Path killed her in front of us"

“It was an ambush,” recalls esRadio your little boy, David pineki. “She was already removed from politics because we traveled to Spain in a few days, but they invited her to an event and since she didn’t know how to say no, she ended up going.”

“It is something that I will not forget. They killed our mother in front of us and everything went very fast. We become persecuted. They took us to a convent where we were hidden for days and the next thing I remember is showing up on an airport runway, getting on a plane, and landing in Spain. “

Grandparents, cousins ​​, and uncles remained in Peru. One of them, Martha Moyano, continues her sister’s legacy as a congresswoman. She is, in opposition, the scourge of the Castillo and Shining Path regime; the terrorist group that marked the life of his family and the childhood of his nephews.

“As she was on the left, she faced Sendero”

“I didn’t understand that I could only see my mother once a month, the hustle and bustle of always being away from home, in hiding, always with a lot of bodyguards,” David recalls. And it is that “being she of the left”, reveals the prosecutor of the Anti-corruption Chamber of that time, Marco Ibazeta, “having been deputy mayor with Michel Azcueta, María Elena confronted Sendero for her methods. And Sendero had no contemplations “

She had been deputy mayor in 1989 in Villa El Salvador and her defense of women’s rights and her ideas ahead of her time earned her the nickname “Mother courage” in Peru. His figure became strong and his shadow, unfathomable. For this reason, David, despite having received invitations to return to the country to follow his mother’s legacy, feels that he is” too big. “

Above all, because the memories of the harassment suffered by his family are still very latent in his mind. “My mother had been threatened with death for two years. At home, they received threats, visits from people. “So much so, that María Elena had already organized a life in Spain for herself, her husband, and her children.” She had everything ready. Even a house that had helped him find some friends “

Today, from our country, David has seen recent days the government’s collusion with these regimes. “We have not been educated in hatred but it is neither forgiven nor forgotten. One is left with a repudiation of this ideology and I do not want to hear about Podemos, nor about left-wing parties.”

“Shining Path has killed more than 20 people this year”

His murderers did not pay for their crime and the terrorist group that perpetrated it now occupies power in Peru under Castillo’s hat. Outside the institutions, the Shining Path continues to attack and kidnap. The Tambo Children Association works to free women and children subjected to the guerrillas.

Its president, Ernesto García Lechuga, revealed a few months ago in an interview on esRadio that “this year, Sendero has already killed twenty people” and, in 2017 alone, “they released 54 children.” The way of exercising terror is the same as that of the FARC: “They kidnap children to make them guerrillas and, on the other hand, they kidnap women to rape them and beget children who were going to be guerrillas because they were born in the jungle “

Without going any further, two weeks ago, part of the arsenal that has not been returned was found in a grave. A finding that coincided with the visit to the country of the podemita Antón Gómez Reino and with the approval of the Foreign Commission of Congress of an NLP to legitimize the Castillo regime.


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