Monday, January 30, 2023

The search for the two climbers in Patagonia is definitively suspended

The Relief Commission of the El Chalten Andean Center has reported that the accident occurred last Thursday at 9:30 a.m. in the so-called Brecha de los Italianos.

The ropes that were still descending the same route on the Fitz Roy hill were asked to observe in the crack where the two Basque climbers were dragged and buried, and if there was any sign of life.

The source explains that, mobilize a search party, it was going to take at least six to eight hoursas there are no air resources in the area, therefore, after twelve hours of the accident, the chances of surviving “are drastically reduced”.

Through the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing, the aforementioned commission has explained that the crack in which they are both buried basque climbers measures 100 meters long by 8 wide and 5 deep down to the existing snow plug, not knowing the actual bottom you have.

For this reason, a rescue task would imply several hours of several operators inside the crack, with the aim of “risk that this implies”.

The commission concludes that the Basque climbers “are not missing”, but that they are “buried in a crevasse for 48 hours” and that the search for their bodies “exposes the rescuers to very high risks”, for which reason the operation is over. .

The two climbers who have been buried are Iker Bilbao, from Durango (Bizkaia), who currently lives in Abadiño; Y Amaia Agirrefrom Urnieta (Gipuzkoa),

A third Basque mountaineer, Josu Linseedresident of Igorre (Bizkaia) and who came out alive from the eventwas able to notify the emergency services of what happened.

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