Friday, September 29, 2023

The scores of the players in Málaga CF – Atlético B

Magic. Larrubia put the team on his back even in the most difficult moments. He showed brutal quality every time he touched the ball. He generated for the companions and left endless details. Exciting party of the youth squad. He along with Dani Lorenzo were in charge of moving the blue and white team.

Alfonso Herrero (8)

He made several merit interventions. Even in Atleti’s goal he managed to deflect the first attempt. In the final stretch he took a very dangerous shot from Niño. He gives security and peace of mind to the defenders. Remarkable match.

Jokin Gabilondo (7)

It went from less to more in the game. He struggled in the first half, but after the break he did not stop raising the band again and again. He created problems on the right side. A dagger. He lacked precision in some other center.

Nelson Monte (7)

Very correct the debut of the Portuguese. Safe, attentive in anticipation and very calm with the ball at his feet. He did better in Galilea and, of course, he improved what Juande did in Castellón. If it continues like this, indisputable.

Einar Galilee (8)

The hero of the party. He gave Málaga victory with a header from a corner in the 93rd minute. He looked much more confident than in Castellón. He is good in aerial duels and attentive in markings. And above, scorer.

Victor Garcia (6)

Perhaps the weakest of the rear yesterday. He was seen somewhat nervous in some sets of the match. He saw a yellow at the beginning of the second half that conditioned him. He generated less than Gabilondo in attack.

Genaro (7)

Another good performance from the Sevillian, just like in Castellón. The proof is that he was fired with applause when he was replaced. Firm in the center of the field, rocky in individual duels. He lacks a little more pause with the ball.

Daniel Lawrence (9)

At the same level as David Larrubia. Tremendous game of the youth squad, from start to finish. Very fresh, with clear ideas with the ball and leaving many quality details. He raised the public on more than one occasion.

Kevin (7)

In his line of daring when facing rivals. Very willing in the defensive work by the band. He still needs to decide better, sometimes he has too much fun with the ball. He looks compromised.

Roberto Fernandez (8)

He debuts as a scorer in the season. The first one he had against Atleti B he sent it to save. He looks fast, with a spark and eager to be seen. He left it all in the green until he was traded.

dioni (6)

It seems that it still lacks a physical point. Good with the ball, pausing and offering solutions, but somewhat slow on the legs, especially in the second half. He played between the lines and gave the team oxygen.

John Hernandez (5)

He had half an hour to demonstrate. Something cold came in but then he tried to be vertical on the left wing. He put some other center with danger.

Luca Sangalli (5)

He entered to give air in the center of the field. No major errors in the 15 minutes he played. This time he had to start from the bench.

Loren Zuniga (5)

Not remarkable. He barely came into the game since he came out on the field. He has to offer more when Pellicer gives him the alternative.

Daniel Sanchez (SC)

He came out in the 90th minute, with no time to prove practically anything.

Lamb (SC)

Similar to Dani Sanchez. Pellicer introduced him onto the field as regulation time drew to a close.


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