Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The scores in Barça – Unicaja, first match of the semifinals

Yankuba Sima (9). The best. Spectacular game by Yankuba Sima against Barça. After struggling with Sanli’s three-pointers, it was a totally different thing after the break. He attacked the basket, made his free throws, blocked, covered passing lanes with his span…and even made rectifying layups! 19 points and 5 rebounds. Awesome.

Kendrick Perry (4). Absolutely lost. It is true that the three fouls at halftime hurt him – he ended up sent off – but he never found himself with the shot or with the direction of play. Without fluency, without control and without good decision making.

Alberto Diaz (4). He returned to the court after several games absent due to injury and noted the lack of competitive rhythm. He tried. However, his efforts were always late. He has 48 hours to continue recovering.

Tyson Carter (7). With Perry fouled and Alberto off the pace, he was in charge of bringing some coherence to the point guard position and he certainly delivered. Plus, he put Team 3 down with 19 seconds left. 6 assists.

Dario Brizuela (4). Out of the party. He lost the ball in his first action of the clash and from there… little else. He ended up desperate because of his own mistakes. Very far from the version expected in this type of encounter. -13 on track.

Tyler Kalinoski (7). It was difficult for him to start, but he fulfilled his 12 points, almost all of them in the second half to cut off Barça’s advantage. Keys also 6 rebounds from him. He forced all three free throws at the end and shot roguishly to have one last possession.

Nihad Djedovic (6). Discreet with very little impact on Unicaja’s game. He lost in his matchups with Abrines, especially in the rebounding fight. Of course, vital in defense and to keep the team on its feet at the attitude level.

Jonathan Barreiro (5). Bad game by not finding his best level on the track or his expected physique. After the tie against Tenerife, much more was expected. He did not dare to attack. I’m sure Friday will be different.

Melvin Ejim (8). Canadian Colossal Party. Play off to frame! He is well known for his hard work in defense and for fighting for the rebound (8 sacks), but he is daring more and more in attack (14 points) and shines completely.

Will Thomas (5). It was not the Will Thomas, not even close, of that memorable match in the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey. Jasikevicius and Vesely learned not to let him settle in his particular place in the area. 4 points and 2 rebounds.

Dylan Osetkowski (6). Match to streaks 5 points and 6 rebounds, but also 3 turnovers. Even so, insurance on the court when he is focused on what is only basketball. He also ended up desperate for the arbitration trio.

David Kravish (5). Only 10 minutes on the track. It is possible that this blow to the foot has weighed him down because in the time he was on the court he was very far from the best version of him. He suffered with his pairings and also in attack.


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