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The Schumachers revolt against the interview by Artificial Intelligence with the expilot

“Michael Schumacher: the first interview” was the title on the cover of ‘die Aktuelle’, one of many magazines on the German market where gossip and gossip about the European monarchies is mixed. That the seven-time Formula 1 world champion -five of them, with Ferrari- would have chosen a medium of these characteristics to return to public life was more than unlikely. Of Schumacher Not a single image has been released since he suffered a ski accident in December 2013 in Méribel, in the Alps.

Already then, his wife Corinna and his manager, Sabine Kehm, orchestrated a fierce information clamp around the idol, who was left in an induced coma in a Grenoble hospital while media from around the world tried to “appropriate” any information about his condition. . The media circus could not break the family fence. Neither then nor when Schumacher came out of a coma and was transferred to his Swiss chalet in Gland and then to his family residence.

That will soon be ten years and the silence around the idol remained. Until Artificial Intelligence, AI, tried to break it through a publication outside the so-called serious or quality press. The “first interview” billed on the front page as a “global sensation,” with a finer-print subhead warning that this one rings “misleadingly true,” consists of a few AI-generated paragraphs. Regardless of the sensation or not of reality, its publication supports the alerts launched from different areas about what its uncontrolled use can give of itself.

no images

The Schumachers, for now, have announced that they will sue a medium that has obviously broken many rules. The tenacity with which Corinna Schumacher and Sabine Kehm have been applied in these almost ten years to preserve the German “kaiser” of Formula 1 from prying eyes leaves no room for doubt. The family demands respect for the private sphere and absolute control over the situation of the former world champion.

Corinna, in a file image, next to the German pilot Michael Schumacher.

It has been so even at the time when Mick Schumacher He began to follow in his father’s footsteps on the circuits, when he made the leap to Formula 1 or when he joined Ferrari as an “auxiliary”. The idol’s son has referred on occasion to the state of Michael with phrases alluding to the “support” or “inspiration” that the figure of his father represents for him, without revealing a single detail about his evolution, if he can communicate with him or in what way.

There is an official Michael Schumacher Twitter account, run by the family and with 385,000 followers, dedicated to remembering their successes. And even a series on Netflix devoted to her cult. They offer, in any case, images of the past and the career of the pilot, who had withdrawn from the circuits a year before the tragic accident in the French ski resort.

the hoax

In the days and weeks that followed, there were several attempts by successive paparazzi to capture images of the idol in a coma. One even tried to break into the UVI disguised as a priest, but was intercepted. The mentioned magazine now resorted to AI to play deception, through a phrase between ridiculous and absurd, of course, as a lure for a “fake” interview: “My life has totally changed.”

It is not the first stir that is generated in Germany as a result of AI. A few days ago the case of the photographer came to light Boris Eldagsenwho renounced the prestigious award Sony World after admitting that the winning image had been generated by AI. His resignation was considered exemplary. The magazine “die Aktuelle” right now has become a paradigm of bad habits.


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