Friday, December 2, 2022

The Saudi goalkeeper has won the heart of the former mayor of Chittagong, wants to give him a flat

At the beginning of this year’s football world cup, the desert country of Saudi Arabia has shown surprise. They beat strong Argentina 2-1. In the team that has all the world’s best stars like Lionel Messi and Di Maria, the main hero of Argentina’s slaughter is Saudi Arabian goalkeeper Mohammed Al Wais.

On Tuesday, it was the goalkeeper who hawked away one after another of Argentina’s shots on goal. He literally built a wall. Mohammad Al Wais saved at least five sure goals. At the end of the match, the best player award was also given to him.

After such an eye-catching performance, Saudi goalkeeper Al Wais is floating in the praise of football lovers. He also won the heart of Chittagong City Corporation’s former mayor M Manjur Alam. He was so happy that he expressed his desire to buy the Saudi goalkeeper a flat in Bangladesh.

On Wednesday morning, the former mayor of Chittagong was present at a prayer ceremony at Mustafa Hakim Bhavan auditorium in Chittagong. In the speech of the chief guest, he expressed his desire. Manzoor Alam thinks that Saudi Arabia has increased the reputation of the Muslim Ummah by defeating a strong team like Argentina.

The former mayor of CCC said, ‘We are very happy with the victory of Asian and Muslim countries. Mohammed Al Wais played a role in Saudi Arabia’s victory as a wall in front of the goal with an extraordinary skill. This is why I am willing to give the Saudi goalkeeper a flat house in Bangladesh.’

(24 November/AJ)

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