Saturday, December 2, 2023

The road from Android to Apple iPhone is increasingly traveled: smartphone changes increase

With the passage of time, Apple is getting the formula so that more and more Android users are switching to iPhone. A study of the CIRP data agency demonstrates the popularity of the manzanita smartphones.

The analysis is limited to the United States, focusing in iPhone purchase data for the past nine years. Each buyer was asked what their previous phone was.


“Over the years,” the researchers note Michael Levin and Josh Lowitz, “Apple has tried to persuade Android owners to switch to iPhone, while Google has tried the opposite.”

“Smartphone owners perceive the change of mobile operating system as a challenge, so loyalty to an operating system is still very high.”

The definitive change from Android to iPhone: an important reason for Apple’s joy

However, according to Levin and Lowitz, in the last two years old android users they seem to represent a higher percentage of iPhone buyers.

15% of all US buyers of an iPhone from March 2022 to March 2023 came from having an Android device.

This represents an increase of 50% compared to 10% in previous years.


For analysts, among the main causes of this modification is tools such as the Move to iOS app, which makes it easy to move from Android. By removing barriers, and with Apple’s improving pricing and services, the way is paved for change.

applesphere He points out that going from 10% to 15% of switchers “is good news that Apple executives should celebrate.” “It is a sign,” says the specialized portal, “that the integration of iOS with the rest of the company’s systems and devices is doing its job: that users are more comfortable on the apple platforms”.


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