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The right of first refusal revolutionizes the ACB market

The ACB market enters a key week for the transfers and departures of the different clubs: the right of first refusal. The Endesa League will make this list official on July 2 and Los Guindos is studying the option of placing any of the players who are out of contract on it and also studying whether any possible incorporation appears on that list by their previous club.

The right of first refusal is about a rule that allows clubs to keep players who end their contract tied. Players who end their contract and do not appear on that list are free to sign for any other team. The latter is the case of the former cashiers Matt Mooney, Axel Bouteille, Cameron Oliver, Michael Eric Y dejan kravic.

The Endesa League will make public the list of players subject to the right of first refusal the next saturday july 2. Until then, Unicaja and all the teams have a period to communicate to the ACB the name of the players they present and the organization itself will contact the athletes to inform them. Then, From that July 2, a period of 13 days will be opened for teams interested in signing players from that list to submit their offers.

If the player in question receives any proposal, his team during this past season will have five days from the moment it becomes official to match 100% of the new salary offered. And there is the doubt in Los Guindos to place a player in the scoring. The club wants to make contracts cheaper and therefore must calculate very well whether or not to put any of those who end their contract on that list. There are a couple of specific cases that could be, but the problem is that the green club wants it to be with lower chips, something incompatible with the “right of first refusal” philosophy.

The most striking case is that of Jaime Fernandez. The continuity of the Madrilenian in the typesetter group seems completely ruled out. However, his agent, Quique Villalobos, informed the Canarian press last week, before the interest of Gran Canaria and Lenovo Tenerife, that the information they had given him from the Los Guindos offices is that they were considering including him on the list. TRUE? Lie?… We’ll know in just a few days.

Something similar happens with Francis Alonso Y Ruben Guerrero. The performance of the canteranos did not please neither the leaders nor the own Ibon Navarro, but the players have not been satisfied with the role they would have in the new project of the coach from Vitoria. This is the big doubt that the club would have right now to decide the future of both. It is practically ruled out that the two continue. It remains to be seen if one of them will be in that score.


This situation not only affects departures, but also arrivals. Unicaja has on its list of future players who may appear on the list of players subject to the right of first refusal.

The first of them is Yankuba Sima. The Baxi Manresa center ends his contract with the Catalan team and the club would have to make a very important financial effort if they want to keep him. As this newspaper reported several weeks ago, Unicaja has already had contacts with the international player with Spain, who will have to wait for a future decision from Manresa in the coming days.

Another case is that of James Webb III, who could be subject to scoring by the UCAM of Murcia. Unicaja must be aware if it continues to be one of its objectives for the power forward position. The player has already rejected a first renewal offer from UCAM Murcia.


The situation with Tim Abromaitis is special. Unicaja wants him to continue as long as he meets an essential condition: salary reduction. Abromaitis already knows. The question is: Will the power forward be on the list for next July 2? Most likely not because the negotiation with him would be more focused on a downward renewal, but the truth is that Unicaja has not closed any agreement with Abromaitis and the power forward has not revealed having an agreement with any other team either . We will see. It’s testing time.


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