Sunday, December 10, 2023

The RFEF holds a congress to inform clubs and agents of the new FIFA policy on player transfer issues. FIFA guarantees transparency

In addition, to guarantee that all the mechanisms are complied with, FIFA has created a bank -based in France- through which each transfer will be regulated and will verify that everything is done in order and in a transparent manner. This entity has been called Clearing house and a protagonist of making it a reality is the Spanish Emilio García Silvero, the legal and compliance director of FIFA. This Clearing House will be in charge of transferring the amounts and guaranteeing that the money reaches all the protagonists of each operation, including training clubs that are not present in these.

From the idea of ​​1992 to the liberalization of 2014… until the arrival of Infantino

To get to this point, the history of football has seen how between that first step taken in 1992 and the current one there have been comings and goings. Already that first contact collided with the agents who demanded ‘profession freedom’ by demanding a certain control such as having a FIFA card for international operations, proving knowledge of the regulations or providing a bank guarantee … That first sentence ordered and objective underwent modifications such as that of 2000, when a complex exam to access the profession of agentwith technical aspects and an important legal agenda, the obligation to have a written agreement with the player or compliance with a code of conduct.

In 2007, the prohibition of multi-representation was established, it was recommended to limit commissions to 3% of the player’s salary and the obligation to carry out a new examination after 5 years in practice. More modifications followed in 2008, but in 2014, seeing FIFA as the agents continued their expansion and control in the soccer field, the entity chaired at that time by Joseph Blatter transferred the competence and management of the same to each national federation, which served to generate a certain lack of control and disparity of criteria because each federation established its rules.

Thus, until in 2018, with the arrival of Gianni Infantino to the presidency, the need to regulate the activity of agents and intermediaries reappears.


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