Friday, June 2, 2023

The return to Mexico and the creation of companies

Throughout history, men have wanted to improve their economic condition, which has led them to migrate to countries where the possibilities of achieving their “dream” are greater than in their country of origin. Thus, many migrants begin long and tortuous journeys, invest a significant amount of money and risk their lives to achieve, for example, the “American dream.”

And this is what has been happening in recent years with the so-called “return to Mexico”, where an international network of illegal traffickers has been established that promises people to take them to the border with the United States through various routes created for this illicit traffic.

The problem is, however, that those who manage to reach their destination safely are few, but not before suffering precariousness, mistreatment and loss of the few belongings with which they usually walk. The testimonies that those who have survived are multiple and frightening, including deaths, rapes and all kinds of harassment by those who control the different routes that have been established. “In prison, hungry, penniless, sick, separated from their partners and children” seems to be a common factor for most of those who have found it necessary to start these journeys.

What still does not add up to us are the high amounts invested to make the “return to Mexico” where, it is speculated, some have paid between US$15,000 and US$25,000, which has come from loans, real estate sales, among other forms of obtaining those resources. Translated into Dominican pesos, the amounts would be between RD$864,000 and one million pesos, enough resources for a person to build a “Caribbean dream” or, what is the same, create a small business in their country of origin.

We know, however, that many people are attracted by the demonstration effect, a mirage that suggests that anyone who emigrates to a country with higher living standards will obtain, in a short time, what they would never obtain in their home country. dear homeland In addition, in all this there are various factors, among which the existence of “unsuspecting hunters” who are part of the same illegal trafficking network stands out, as well as various situations that make individuals easy prey for this type of crime. .

But, from any point of view you look at it, if someone manages to accumulate more than 800,000 pesos, that person has the ability to set up a small business from which she and her family can live. Obviously, issues such as what type of company to start, if it is going to manufacture or market goods and services, who will be the future clients, at what price will I sell my products, what will my market niche be, if it is going to be hired, come into play here. employees, whether or not it will be an informal business, whether or not I will sell to the State, define the place where the company will be, etc.

It is said that, as a result of the aforementioned tour of Mexico, some neighborhoods in the capital and certain areas in the interior of the country have decreased the number of inhabitants they had, and it has also been verified that this issue has generated an unusual and unexpected increase in the demand for passport books, creating a deficit in the government entity that issues it and a consequent supply crisis. But, I assure you something, if you had the ability, the audacity and the audacity to make the journey that the “return to Mexico” implies, you would also have the talent, the capacity, the skills and the intelligence to undertake any business that propose.


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