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The remake of the mythical ‘Alone in the Dark’ arrives in October, but you can play it right now

Alone in the Dark is one of the most acclaimed horror games of all time. After some mediocre sequels, worse movies, and the occasional spin-off, the original title remains one of the greats of the genre. Now, THQ Nordic has confirmed that there is a remake of the original gamewhich will arrive next October and, to whet your appetite, you can try it now.

Logically, and following in the footsteps of other great Terror remakes, what you can play right now is the Foreword Grace in the Dark, which serves as a demo of the game and is already available. The demo of Alone in the Dark is available for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S via Steam, PS Store, and Xbox Store, respectively. That is, it is an exclusive new generation game.

Grace in the Dark takes place ofThe weeks before the main events of the original Game, Alone in the Darkand serves as a preview to test the new gameplay and, above all, the graphic section in which the main scenes of the 1992 title have been recreated.

Alone in the Dark is back

And we say that it serves as a preview of the game because it is a fairly cut and linear version. lasts between 15 and 20 minutesallows you to explore some closed places in the mansion, but does not have any combat class. It’s a fully linear demo with basic puzzles; quite the opposite of what we will find in the main game.

You can download the demo of Alone in the Dark depending on your region through the following links:

As confirmed by its creators, although the original story is maintainedl, have incorporated characters, locations, and themes from the entire 90s trilogy. No previous knowledge or previous playing is required to enjoy the game, but the developers confirm that those who are nostalgic for the original games will recognize quite a bit. in the new game.

And be careful, because although in the game it has collaborated with the legendary Guillermo del Toro as support for the design of the monsters and the atmosphere of the game, and Jason Köhnen, who is the creator of the new soundtrack and the game.

Alone in the Dark is Coming to Mainstream Next-Gen Platforms next October 25.

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