Sunday, May 28, 2023

The referees threaten “drastic measures” if not for the “campaign” against them

The Spanish referees have conveyed their “deep concern for the unfortunate situation that has arisen around” his group in what they consider to be “a perfectly measured and organized campaign”. The complaint comes after a series of statements issued by different LaLiga clubs against his exercise and several attacks such as the one suffered by a teammate in Ceuta. “We regret the permanent attacks by LaLiga and its main leaders,” argue the group.

From the CTA they put Luis Gil, director of Competitions of LaLiga, in the shooting for a video where “they try to point out and ridicule the refereeing actions, another example of LaLiga’s interest in generating an unbreathable climate towards our collective, sowing doubt on our decisions and undermine arbitration professionalism”. For this reason, the First and Second division referees request “respect and institutional responsibility before an unprecedented event in Spanish football”.

In addition, they inform public opinion “that the CTA does not appoint the arbitrators, rather, it is done by a body called the CACP (appointment committee), a member of the RFEF, a member of La Liga and another member appointed by common agreement or, if it did not exist, by the CSD”. One of the members who for years was designated by LaLiga to carry out this task is the former collegiate Antonio Jesus Lopez Nieto“who, contrary to what LaLiga is doing, upholds the autonomy of the refereeing group. López Nieto publicly stated that for 16 years he was ‘appointing referees’, he assured that ‘everything is a lie’ and requested ‘reinstatement for the referees, to football and for credibility”.

For everything expressed in their statement, the arbitrators send “a message for reflection and thus not having to regret any more misfortunes than those that have already occurred, nor having to adopt drastic and urgent measures that would have a direct impact on our competition”.


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