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The Red Cross doesn’t want you to commit war crimes in ‘Call of Duty’

The International Committee of Red Cross does not agree with your continuing to commit war crimes in call of duty, Fortnite or any shooter. To make players aware of the effects of armed conflicts, the organization launched the program Play By the Rules. In the he recommends applying four guidelines that maintain humanity in a war and ultimately help save lives.

According to the Red Cross, the rules protect civilians, medical and aid personnel, as well as wounded soldiers and prisoners of war. “The Rules state that weapons and tactics used in war must avoid excessive sufferingwhile the torture of prisoners is prohibited”, he mentions.

The rules recommended by the Red Cross apply to shooter or games where two sides face each other. Each one is related to a behavior that should be followed in a real conflict.

  • Rule 1 (No thirsting). When an enemy is downed and unable to respond, you cannot continue shooting at it.
  • Rule 2 (Do not target NPCs). Bots that do not fire without provocation are considered civilians and you cannot attack or damage them.
  • Rule 3 (Do not aim at civilian buildings). On any game map, houses, schools or hospitals are considered safe zones that you cannot damage. When fighting in these spaces, you must do everything possible to avoid damage.
  • Rule 4 (First aid kits are for everyone). If you have an unused medkit that works on others, you should give it to those who need it, be they friend or foe.

The organization hopes that the players will join this initiative, and for this it will use some streamers from Twitch. While the intention is noble, following the rules in a game like Warzone either Fortnite it is more complicated than it seems.

Red Cross rules guarantee that you will lose the game in call of duty or any game

The Red Cross seeks raise awareness of the rules intended to govern a war. “Every day, people play games set in conflict zones right from their couch,” he mentions on his website. “But right now, armed conflicts are more frequent than ever, and for the people who suffer from its effects, this is not a game,” he says.

The problem is that games are not designed to adhere to a set of real world guidelines. Following rule 1, which states that we cannot shoot downed enemies, is a guarantee that you will lose the game. The same if you distribute first aid kits or try to heal the members of the other team.

What would happen if you avoid shooting a house or school just to avoid violating rule 3? In games like battle field, destroying the environment is a feature of the game to eliminate an opponent who is entrenched. Imagine how difficult it would be to avoid damage or simply not shoot when you enter civilian property while chasing the opposing team.

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The games use certain mechanics that contradict the rules of the real world. Despite the fact that sometimes we see protests because do not stick to realitythe truth is few or no one would respect what the Red Cross proposes. Despite this, the body is confident and is trying its luck in games like PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, Rainbow Six 6 Siege and Escape from Tarkov.

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