Friday, September 22, 2023

The rebound of Tiktok in Mexico: It has already surpassed Twitter

TikTok is one of the most successful applications during the coronavirus pandemic.

The app of Chinese origin established itself as a great company for young people in quarantine and confinement.

The rebound of Tiktok in Mexico: It has already surpassed Twitter
Source: nikuga/Pixabay

The short videos, jokes, and challenges little by little became a place among the young and not-so-young.

Specifically in Mexico, the application seems to be here to stay and TikTok is already the fourth most used application by users in the country, according to a study on the adoption of digital tools by the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), which goes by the name “ Adoption, use, and satisfaction of digital applications and tools for shopping and online banking, video calls, social networks, health, and government procedures in times of COVID-19″.

The report indicates that the app of Chinese origin is already more used than Telegram and Twitter, although it is still behind Instagram.

According to the analysis, WhatsApp is the most downloaded application on mobile phones, with a preference of 95.7 percent; it is followed by Facebook, with 86.8 percent; Instagram, with 36.4 percent; TikTok, with 23.2 percent, and Twitter, with 20.2 percent.

Regarding the satisfaction that applications generate in users, WhatsApp also remains the undisputed leader. In order, it is followed by Telegram, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Although the average satisfaction reaches 7.8, What’s reaches 8.3 ratings.

Telegram is the other that exceeds the average, with satisfaction of 7.9. The lowest are Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, with 7.6 each.

It stands out that all the apps are used more by women than by names, except the birdie application and the messaging leader.

In addition, more interesting findings are found in the age groups. The app with the highest satisfaction rate in an age group is also WhatsApp, which is very well received by people who are 57 years old or older, reaching 96.6 percent.

The lowest satisfaction rate in a specific age group is Twitter, which reaches 6.3 percent in people between 27 and 41 years old.

In the case of Tiktok, it has 90.4 percent satisfaction among people between 18 and 26 years old, a range that decreases considerably in the largest Internet users; it reaches 83.2 percent between 42 and 56 years old and 78.4 percent in those older than 57 years.


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