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The reasons why Quique Setién has been replaced by Villarreal

The story of Quique Setién at Villarreal CF only lasted ten months. Since he was introduced at the end of October 2022, for the escape of Unai Emery to the colossus Aston Villa, until last Tuesday he was dismissed, the Cantabrian coach Little by little, he became enemies with all the plots and digging his own sports grave.

The already former yellow coach will go down in history for having received songs from “Who go now!” in his third game in charge and having only been in charge of the team for a week, as well as for be whistled for his own hobby in the club’s Centenary Legends match, playing with the veterans of the Spanish team. He never had the sporting wind in his head and no one escapes that he didn’t do too much to redirect such situations either.

It is true that Setién was able to redirect to some footballers who never believed in him in the middle of the second round of last year, leaving Submarino in 5th place at the end of LaLiga and achieving direct qualification for the Europa League.

but there was a turning point within the club that began to lose confidence in Setién, which was when Fernando Roig ratified his continuity for the current financial year 2023/24. From then on, the coach moved away from the club and Mediterraneanfrom the Prensa Ibérica group, He has had access to the main reasons why he was fired.

Make decisions behind the club’s back

In the absence of a day for the end of last season, before the match with Atlético in which there was nothing at stake, Setién decided on the players’ vacations without the consent of the club itself, which was unable to carry out the institutional acts that were scheduled.

Flight to the tribute to Joaquín in Seville

That same weekend left in a hurry after the last gameon June 4, to be able to attend Joaquín’s tribute, on the 5th, and later went home to Cantabria, without showing interest in the planning and organization of the 2023/24 preseason.

No interest in the situation of the campus

The fact that Setién was surprised within the yellow club did not maintain any kind of contact with the club during the month of June, key for present and future sports planning, nor interest in finding out about the situation of the squad.

‘Fiched’ Jaime Paz without consulting him

Outraged that during the holidays she engaged with a professional, Jaime Paz, to incorporate her into the coaching staff without having previously consulted with the club. Having become engaged, she could no longer be told “no.”

No meetings with ‘his’ coaching staff

In addition, never had work meetings with said professional, recommended by his second coach, Ramiro Amarelle, to see his knowledge and way of working. He hired him because: “They have spoken to me well”, and he left it there.

He went from the technicians who put him from the club

The club incorporated two house analysts such as Pepe Alcaide and David Fuster. never met them to see their knowledge and incorporate them into the team. He met them the same day that the preseason began in the field. He also didn’t ask them what he wanted from them. In fact, Fuster, a former player for the club and Elche, was introduced as “Raúl Fuster”, a clear indication that he did not know who he was.

It arrived three days later than the rest

The players began the preseason with medical tests. Setién arrived three days later and just a while before the start of the first field training. He did not bother to be present like the rest of the team to see in what condition the players arrived and were.

Total divorce with part of the staff

The divorce with the group was total and it ended when he gave permission to the players to choose to delay training for half an hour if everyone agreed. OROnce they decided to do it, Setién told them “no”, lor that he outraged the group for breaking his word.

Terrible sports group management

The group’s mismanagement was permanent and grew. The disagreement with the players and more with the heavyweights caused him not to line up the best due to acts of indiscipline.

Inflexible in reconciliation

The club insisted on both parties to do their part for the common good. But Setién was inflexible at all times.

Gives vacations to the letter to your interest

The straw that broke the camel’s back came in this window FIFA. He organized the team’s training week for a personal matter. Two weeks from now, he announced the work plan, giving four days off this week to participate in the Legends match between Spain and Argentina on Tuesday, September 5, just the day of his dismissal.

Bad numbers and immobility

All this, added to the bad resultsyou already have little predisposition to want to contribute for the common good they sentenced him.


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