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The reaction of Spain is not enough and France takes the European sub-17

The Spanish women’s under-17 team will have to wait for a new opportunity to achieve his fifth title European champion of the category, after losing this Friday 2-3 against France in a final in which the two final goals of vicky lopez they did not avoid defeat.

An outcome that few could have foreseen after the authority and personality with which the Spanish team started the match, which did not seem intimidated at all by the resounding 10-2 that France endorsed Switzerland in the semifinals nor the impressive figure of players like forward Liana Joseph, who with a double was the executioner of the Spanish team.

Ambition that did not take long to become an almost absolute monopoly of the ball by Kenio Gonzalo’s team, which, however, did not translate into clear goals.

If Spain, With Vicky López in the lead, he seemed to enjoy making the ball move from one side to the other, the French team did not seem displeased, allowing themselves to be dominated in the hope of being able to surprise the counter.

As happened twenty-three minutes into the game in a failed free-kick by the Spanish team that Maeline Mendy, possibly the most talented player of the French team, turned into a dangerous counter in which Joseph showed off his powerful career.

Quite a warning for the Spanish players, who in the following minutes seemed find clarity in the final meters which they lacked until then to generate three dangerous approaches.

At minute 27, a header from Pau, after a magnificent pass from Ainhoa ​​Alguacil, came out excessively soft, and three minutes later the Real Madrid striker narrowly missed a Noe Bejarano cross.

Lack of precision that penalized the Spanish team moments laterwhich saw how poor control by Vicky López, something really rare for the Barcelona player, allowed the French defender Lou Autin to cut the ball off when the Spanish attacker entered the area completely alone.

Chances that continued at the start of the second half, which began for the Spanish team with two almost consecutive shots from the edge of the area by Vicky López and Ainhoa ​​Alguacil.

Shots to which the French team did not take long to respond with a distant shot from Liana Joseph who found in these second forty-five minutes the spaces that the Spanish team denied them in the first half.

The second half became at times a constant coming and going from one area to anotherfrom which only the Spanish team could be harmed despite the fact that Kenio Gonzalo’s men returned to haunt the goal again.

But if the stick, in an action that finally ended up annulled for offside, repelled a shot by Celia Segura at minute 57, in the 64th minute things went worse for the Spanish team in a frustrated entry into the area of ​​Vicky López who gave rise to the first goal for the French team

A goal for which the French team barely needed two passes, the time it took to get the ball to Liana Joseph, who with meters to go made use of her tremendous power to make it 0-1.

A real blow to the Spanish team that saw how France in one of its rare approaches was ahead in a score that, ten minutes later, at minute 74, became even more uphill for Kenio Gonzalo’s men after a defensive indecision that Liana Joseph He did not miss out to sign the 0-2.

More controversial was the third goal from the French team, a work after 78 minutes of Maeline Mendy, who converted a penalty committed on herself by Vicky López in an action in which the Spanish player seemed to touch the ball.

A more than debatable decision that seemed anger Vicky López, Possibly the best player of the tournament, who seemed in a position to prevent the defeat of the Spanish team with two goals (2-3) from outside the area in the following two minutes that made Spain dream of a comeback with ten minutes to go.

Vicki López was about to force extra time at 86 minutes with a shot that crashed into the body of a French player and that allowed the galas to achieve their first title of European champions in the category, after falling in their previous three finals.

Data sheet:

2 – Spain: Estensor; Noe Bejarano, Aïcha, Daniela, Martina González (Marisa, m.76); Ainhoa ​​Sheriff (Noa Ortega, m.69), Daniela Arques, Cris Librán; Pau (Celia Segura, m.46), Cris and Vicky López.

3 – France: Fernandes; Delcroix, Sangare, Autin, Job; Effa (Rambaud, m.73), Maeline Mendy, Melinda Mendy (Lushimba Bilombi, m.82), Joseph (Swierot, m.90); Naolia Traore and Ben Khaled.

Goals: 0-1, m.64: Joseph. 0-2, m.74: Joseph. 0-3, m.78: Maeline Mendy from a penalty. 1-3, m.79: Vicky López. 2-3, m.80: Vicky López.

Referee: Minka Vekkeli (END). He sent off the Spanish player Aïcha Camara (m.95) with a direct red card. He showed a yellow card to Daniela Arques and Cris Librán for Spain; and to Joseph and Delcroix for France:

incidents: Final of the women’s European under-17 contested at the Lilleküla stadium in Tallinn.


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