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The PS5 Slim will require an Internet connection to install the disc drive, believe it or not

The new one PS5 Slim It boasts a modular design that allows, for example, to buy the Digital Edition without a disc reader unit and add it later. The curious fact, and one that Sony omitted when announcing it, is that you will need an internet connection yes or yes to install it.

Needless to say, the data is already causing outrage among the public. And while the issue may not be as bad as it appears at first glance, it is logical that there is some resentment at the lack of clarity on the part of the Japanese.

The requirement for an Internet connection to install the disc drive on the PS5 Slim has not been officially communicated by Sony. However, the data came to light with the filtration of bundles with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

The following notice is clearly visible on the box: “An internet connection is required to pair the drive and PS5 console during setup”. The curious thing about the case is that the leaked photos correspond to the standard version of the PS5 Slim. That is, the one that arrives with the disc reader already attached.

This would imply, then, that online pairing between the Blu-ray drive and the console will be carried out both in the initial configuration of the standard version, and when connecting the peripheral for the first time for the Digital Edition that will be sold separately.

Why will the PS5 Slim need an Internet connection to install the disc reader?

The PS5 Slim will require an Internet connection to install the disc drive.

Sony has not reported the reason for this issue. However, there is a quite logical unofficial explanation: that is to avoid the use of unofficial or counterfeit components. By requiring online pairing, the company could ensure that the disc drive connected to the PS5 Slim is legitimate.

Likewise, it could serve to prevent blocking the execution of illegal content from being evaded. After all, it wouldn’t be strange for someone to try to “trick” the console by connecting a peripheral that passes itself off as an official disc reader, but that is actually used to run pirated games.

Everything indicates that the mandatory Internet connection will be limited to the installation of the disc reader in the two models of the PS5 Slim. That is, after the unit is recognized it will not be a permanent requirement for the execution of physical games.

So, Why the discontent of the players? Like any issue that requires online verification, there is fear that it will cause problems if Sony’s servers go down. The same if, in a more drastic scenario, they unsubscribe. Of course, the second should not be an immediate problem, although it should be a possible concern in the future. For example, if the Blu-ray drive needs to be replaced due to technical failures and the hardware validation process is no longer available.

A requirement that generates resentment

PS5 Slim

Beyond the fear, it is logical to assume that Sony could change its strategy in the coming years. Nothing is carved in stone for these corporations, and the PS5 Slim disc reader check should be no exception.

In addition, It will be interesting to see if this requirement negatively impacts the repairability of the PS5 Slim. Not all manufacturers are big on right to repair, and that’s no surprise. Fortunately, more and more countries are fighting to prolong the useful life of electronic devices.

When the PS5 Slim hits the market in November, we will surely have more news about it. Both the standard version and the Digital Edition will maintain their prices despite the redesign, being offered in exchange for 549.99 and 499.99 euros, respectively. The disc drive that will be sold separately will cost 119.99 euros.

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