Monday, September 25, 2023

The prices of the Pixel 8 in Europe are filtered and bring an unexpected surprise

We have little to learn about the next Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, since in recent days a series of leaks have left almost everything uncovered. Knowing many of its technical characteristics, and even its design, only one primary issue remained pending: the price.

Now, a new leak has brought to light what will be the price in Europe of both terminals. And it’s bulky. Quite a bit if we compare it with the previous models. The prices, with 23% VAT (the European Union average) point to an unprecedented rise, similar to what terminals from other manufacturers have experienced.

Although the rumors had been suggesting that both terminals would arrive with a higher price of around 50-100 euros, the truth is that they have stayed closer to the upper range than to the lower one. If we listen to the rumors, the next Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will hit the European market for 874.25 euros (~$942) in its 128GB version. Without taxes, prices would remain at around 710.77 euros for the same model.

Google is also betting on a general price increase with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro

For its Pro version, the prices are even more outrageous, taking into account what Google has been demanding for one of the terminals up to now. According to the latest leak, the Pixel 8 Pro will hit the European market for €1,235 (~$1,331) in the 128 GB model, 1,309 Euros (~$1,411) for the 256 GB and 1,461 Euros (~$1,575) in the 512 GB model. All, price with 23% VAT which, yes, is not applicable to all European countries.

Now it remains to be seen if the price increase is accompanied by an improvement along its specifications. Not only in terms of pure numbers, but whether Google will be able to improve all those pending issues that clouded part of the experience of last year’s models. Both Samsung and Apple have also raised prices, but they have come refining the user experience of your terminals and its quality in general, something that Google is also expected to do with the Pixel 8.

Be that as it may, everything indicates that both the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro, which will be will present in octoberthey will arrive with the Tensor G3, a 6.17-inch OLED FHD + screen for the basic model, and a 6.7-inch LTPO OLED QHD + screen in the Pro version.

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