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The positive B sample, end of career for Pogba?

Almost a month ago, on September 11, the Juventus player was suspended by the Italian anti-doping agency (Nado): “The National Anti-Doping Tribunal informs that in accordance with the recommendation of the National Anti-Doping Prosecutor, it has pronounced the provisional suspension of Paul Labile Pogba”. Paul Pogba, who returned to the Italian team at the end of August after an injury, tested positive for testosterone during a random anti-doping test carried out after Juve’s match against Udinese on August 20. More precisely, these are traces of anabolic steroids, artificial versions of testosterone used to increase muscle mass, which were detected according to the Italian press. To make matters worse, the football international did not set foot on the pitch during the match.

This Friday, October 6 andAccording to Gazzetta dello Sport, Paul Pogba’s positive testosterone anti-doping test has been confirmed. The result of the analysis of sample B is also positive. The French midfielder risks a heavy suspension, but he now has the right to engage his defense.

Why did Paul Pogba test positive?

According to information from La Gazzetta dello Sport, the French midfielder from Juventus Turin would have taken a food supplement recommended by a doctor friend. This product would come from the United States, where anti-doping rules are not necessarily the same as in Europe. Still according to the daily, Paul Pogba would have mainly acted without having informed his club. The 2018 world champion was checked after the opening day of Serie A between Udinese and Juve, during which he remained on the bench.

What is testosterone used for?

If Paul Pogba took testosterone, what can this molecule be used for? First of all, and you probably all know this, testosterone is a molecule naturally secreted by the human body. The latter can also be administered to increase sexual desire or treat erectile dysfunction. Testosterone is also sometimes used to treat certain types of breast cancer, hypogonadism (pubertal delay) or even gender dysphoria. It is also used to combat depression and sleep disorders.

But in sports, this product is used mainly to increase muscle mass. It is also considered a psycho stimulant giving extra motivation and focus. Thanks to the development of muscle mass, resistance to physical effort is also improved. For Paul Pogba, it is now time to find out if the surplus is natural or if it is due to an injection.


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