Friday, September 29, 2023

The PlayStation Portal has a confirmed release date

Sony’s PlayStation Portal already has a remote release date. The non-portable console that allows you to play PS5 video games through Remote Play was introduced in May under the name of Project Q, while a couple of weeks ago we learned about all its features and the price. However, the most important thing remained to be known: when it would be available.

Of course, that is no longer a mystery. Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Portal It will arrive on November 15 in “selected markets”. The Japanese company reported that the device can now be reserved in 11 countries —with Spain among them— through PlayStation Direct.

The other territories where interested parties can already secure a PlayStation Portal are United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium, Portugal, and Italy. Starting September 29, pre-orders will also open in those countries through select retailers; while Japan and Canada will be added to the list of available markets.

For now, it is unknown when the PlayStation Portal will be launched in the rest of the world. However, considering that deliveries will begin in the first markets on November 15, it would not be surprising if Sony tries to expand its presence in the market before the end of the year holidays.

PlayStation Portal, the “remote player” for the PS5

From the outset, Sony has tried to make it clear that the PlayStation Portal it is not a portable console. In her official announcement, the Japanese company described her as a remote playerand on the Spanish PlayStation Direct website it is now formally mentioned as a “remote player“.

The definition makes sense. After all, the PlayStation Portal can’t run games natively and is limited to playing what’s running on a PS5 via Remote Play. But even then it faces more restrictions. Let’s not forget that the device is not compatible with titles that are being played via streaming through a PlayStation Plus subscription.

In addition, it must remain connected to the same WiFi network as the PS5, and it depends on the console being always on. So their use cases are quite restricted. For example, it is used to play from different rooms within the same house, and not much else. That is why, without intending to offend anyone, today it is impossible not to see the PlayStation Portal as a glorified controller.

This does not necessarily mean that the days are numbered. But considering that the PlayStation Portal can only be used with a PS5 and all its other limitations, its price doesn’t help to make it a bestseller.

The PlayStation Portal inherits the design and features of the PS5’s DualSense controller, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. In the center, an 8-inch LCD screen stands out through which games or other multimedia content are reproduced with Full HD (1080p) resolution and at 60 frames per second. Those who want to buy it they have to pay 199.99 dollars or 219.99 euros.

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