Thursday, March 30, 2023

The physicist threatens Unicaja

The basketball season has entered a difficult moment. The European competitions are already in the decisive matches to access the play offs for the title, the schedule is very tight and no one wants to slow down to keep track of their goals. Well, all this is happening to the Unicaja and the physicist already threatens the people of Malaga in the summit section.

The compositor team has played five games so far in the month of March and the worst thing is that they still have three more left without time to rest and with express trips to Greece. Darío Brizuela has already had to stop due to a hemorrhage in the quadriceps of his right leg. Against Limoges he warmed up, at a very low rate, and did not play. Let’s see what happens against Barça and in the final with AEK. The problem is that there are two names that particularly worry Ibon Navarro: Kendrick Perry and Alberto Díaz.

“We have to be very careful with Kendrick and Alberto. They are in a very difficult moment in terms of injury risk. Kendrick’s knee is right there. Alberto gave us a scare last week. We need to control the minutes a lot”, commented the compositor technician at a press conference this Wednesday about the two players who could not rest after winning the Copa del Rey while concentrating with their teams.

They are the two bases of the team, the two directors. Precisely, Unicaja is not a team in which there is a lack of control in the distribution of minutes. If the coaching staff has worked very well on something, it is in that aspect. However, to lose either of them, at this particular moment in the season, would be a blow of very considerable dimensions. Hence the ‘fear’ of something happening is there and seriously worries the physical condition of Perry and Alberto Díaz.

Alberto Díaz, another of the typesetters who is far from being 100% physically. BCL

long-term injuries

In addition to all these mishaps, which right now are punctual, we must not forget that Unicaja has two very important long-term casualties. The first is Augusto Lima. The Brazilian will not play again until January 2024 after tearing the anterior cruciate ligament and the internal meniscus of his left knee last December. For his part, nihad djedovic suffers a tear in the soleus and is expected to reappear at the end of April.

So Unicaja will have to face the last steps towards the Basketball Champions League Final Four and the decisive stretch to position itself well in Endesa League facing the play off for the title. I hope they respect the injuries.


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