Friday, September 22, 2023

The “panthers” do not roar at the start of the league (33-26)

Costa del Sol Málaga suffered a tough defeat to open the 2023/24 season in the Iberdrola Guerreras League. The Esperanza Lag Pavilion hosted the Star Party of the first day, which reissued the final of the previous edition. Atticgo BM Elche beat the Panthers (33-26) in a duel that they dominated from the middle of the first half. Initial stumbling block for the malagueñas, who will soon have an opportunity to make up for it. One of the most demanding weeks ahead with the Iberian Women’s Super Cup and the visit of Replasa Beti-Onak to Carranque this coming Wednesday.

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Sole López scored the first goal of the course. After the exchange of blows at the start, Suso Gallardo’s team opened the first gap. A goal from Espe López made it 4-6, in the best visiting minutes. Fang was missing in those moments to stretch more. The debut of Belen Jimenez, that with 17 years was baptized in Division of Honor. Joaquín Rocamora’s team took advantage of the bad withdrawal from Malaga to hurt the run. And he took the government of the party (10-8). Silvia Arderius emerged and successfully supported hers in difficult moments. At halftime, 15-12.

The panthers did not have a good exit from the locker room, which they saw with Atticgo BM Elche kept stepping on the accelerator (20-14). They were minutes of Elche superiority, which stretched on the scoreboard. There was a hint of a response from Malaga and Isa Medeiros scored several goals to compress. It also debuted in the elite Barbara Vela, another product of the quarry. He did not give Costa del Sol Málaga a chance to compete for the win and conceded a blunt setback (33-26).

With no time to think, on Wednesday Carranque hosts the first game at home against Replasa Beti-Onak. Then comes one of the high points of the season, the Women’s Iberian Super Cup. A title to two games, big words.


Atticgo Elche (15+18): Nicole Morales and Marisol Carratú in goal; Ekaterina Zhukova (4), Tessa Van Zijl (7), Lisa Oppedal, Celia Guilabert (2), Patricia Méndez (3), Nuria Andreu, Danila So Delgado (5), Clara Gascó (1), María Flores, Zaira Benítez ( 6), Pipy Wolfs (2), Paola Bernabé (1), Alexandra Do Nascimento, Kelly Rosa (2).

Costa del Sol Malaga (12+14): Mercedes Castellanos and Virginia Fernández in goal; Bárbara Piñeira (1), Belén Jiménez (1), Estela Doiro (2), Eli Cesáreo (1), Silvia Arderius (6), Soledad López (3), Estitxu Berasategui, Rocío Campigli, Patricia Lima (1), Esperanza López (5), Laura Sanchez, Barbata Vela (1), Isabelle Medeiros (5).

Marker every 5′ | 2:2, 3:3, 4:6, 8:8, 12:10, 15:12, 18:14, 21:17, 26:18, 28:22, 30:24 and 33:26.


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